Last-minutes shopping can be intimidating, especially if you’re out hunting for something in the gaming niche. Avid gamers are well-informed. They know what they want, how they want it, and how much money they should save up to buy themselves the newest gadgets, games, and coolest accessories. Gift giving should be fun, although when your loved one is an enthusiastic gamer, you don’t want to buy them something they already have. Here are some game gifting ideas you might want consider.

Video games


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Assess the market and start searching for new game releases. Look for the most recent titles because this way you’ll know for sure your loved one hasn’t had time to purchase them yet. Some of 2015’s upcoming game releases are “Silent Hills”, “Hitman”, “Battleborn”, “The Tomorrow Children”, and “Inside”, among numerous others. As for some of 2014’s best video games, you might want to consider buying “Mario Kart 8”, “Titanfall”, “Destiny” or “Diablo III”.

Invest in a video game console

Video game consoles are in trend, and all avid gamers should own at least one. For third-person action games, you should invest in a PlayStation 4. If your loved one is more into first-person shooters, an Xbox One would be more suitable; and last but not least, a Nintendo Wii U gadget will fit perfectly into the hands of casual gamers fond of trivial, family games like “Mario Kart 8” for example. As for handheld devices, some excellent choices are PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS KL; both are terrific, so making a choice will be challenging.

Gaming accessories


You can’t go wrong with gaming accessories, especially if they’re new and incredibly advanced. Avid PC gamers will appreciate a brand new keyboard, a pair of headphones, and a revolutionary mouse. However, it’s fundamental that you invest in quality pieces. A Logitech keyboard and a Razer DeathAdder mouse will definitely make your loved one happy. As for the headset, go with a Gamecom 780. The sound and the microphone are incredible, not to mention that the headphones mold perfectly on people’s heads.

Accessories for video game consoles

Even though it’s harder to find accessories for a video game console than for PC, some of the available devices present in the marketplace are pretty cool. Your loved one will certainly love to get an Evil Controller from Priced at $150, it’s not every day you see a gamer walking around with an orange PS4 device into his hands. If you can’t afford to invest a lot of money on a video game or device, you can always spend $10 on thumb stick caps. Kontrol Freak is a great place to check out; these caps are extremely useful for avid gamers because they enhance the playing experience; the gaming is less slippery and a lot more tactile.

And since we’re in the affordable category of console accessories, you might also want to buy padded grips for the controllers. These bring a padded feel to the gadget, and they’re incredibly cool, too. Last but not least, we have Elgato Game Capture HD for the social gamer. The system costs $140 and it is used at broadcasting and capturing gaming sessions in HD. Then, you can post them on YouTube, and with a bit of luck you might even become famous.

Last minutes gift ideas for avid gamers are not that impossible to accomplish. As long as you know what your loved one likes, it’s easy to buy them something nice, interesting, and useful. Whether it’s a new game, a console or just a few accessories, gamers are always thrilled to get new toys to help them boost their overall gaming experience.

This is the article by Jason Phillips and Make Up Games 365!