Two way radios can be used a means of communication just like telephones and are found useful in many conditions. They can be used as a reliable and useful communication system for personal, business as well as gift purpose.

Two Way Radios Gifts

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Two way radios are also popularly known as walkie talkie instruments which can also be used while on move like mobile phones but with certain limitations. Before considering the utility two way radios as a gift you must know certain basic things about them. The instrument is operated with rechargeable battery provided with it. The two way system of communication can be activated by pressing Push-to-Talk button provided on the handset which allows you to communicate your message to other radios. On releasing the PTT button you can receive the message from other radios. The volume of the unit can be controlled through the knob provided on the unit.

Basically two way radios are transceivers as they do two ways function of transmitting and receiving messages. But they can communicate with each other if they are set on the same frequency. Two popular types of frequency ranges used in these radios are UHF – Ultra High Frequency and VHF – Very High Frequency. UHF frequencies are more popular of the two as they can penetrate through the obstructions and can be used effectively in indoors as well as outdoors. VHF frequencies are considered best for outdoor use only as they can easily travel through open areas after hugging the ground.

The range of two way radios also depends on a number of factors. Wattage and antenna of the unit are among the first factor that can vary its range as it can have wider range with good antenna and higher wattage. Openness of the place of use of these radios also affects their range as solid obstructions and even daily weather conditions can affect their range. Though the manufacturers of this special type of radios claim high range but usually you can not expect more than 1-2 km range in town or cities. These two way communication systems are available in basic to extremely complicated models in the market which you can buy for personal or business use or for gifting to someone you want to remain in touch all the time.
Before gifting two way radios to your friend or family or even to your business associates you must know the benefits of this communication system. First and foremost benefit of these radios is that they can be used for instant communication facility unlike mobile phones but with certain limitations. You can communicate with any number of people within the range of repeater of the radios. The time consumed in general communication with your customers, friends or business associates can be reduced considerably as they connect you with your associate immediately without dialling the required number like cell phones. You can easily communicate with a number of persons within the range of your radio system which also increases your efficiency.

Thus, two way radios can be a perfect gift for a person you want to remain in contact with.