Some workers come to dread the annual ritual of the boss’s birthday. They feel uncomfortable with the occasion, not knowing what to get the boss. They don’t want to get something too extravagant to be seen as sucking up, yet they don’t want to offend the boss by getting a poor gift or no gift at all. If you have trouble with this annual event, then try one of these five gifts that will be sure to be a hit.


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1. Countertop Wine Opener

If your boss likes wine, then this is one of the most perfect gifts you can get. Most wine lovers have a wine opener, but few have made the upgrade to a countertop wine opener. These amazing devices are not too expensive, and they open a bottle of wine perfectly every time.

2. Electronic Golf Scorer

There is a reason that there is a stereotype of executives being golf nuts. Most bosses really do enjoy hitting the links. If your boss spends a fair bit of time on the golf course, then give him this thoughtful gift. There are electronic golf scorers available in every price range, and your boss will think favorably about you every time he uses it.

3. Customer Satisfaction Program

If you want to really impress your boss, you can enroll the company in a customer satisfaction program. These customer satisfaction survey companies let companies know how they rate with their customers. Mindshare Technologies allows a company to easily track customer satisfaction and implement useful customer feedback. This is a gift that you can be sure no one else will get the boss, and most bosses will find it to be incredibly thoughtful and beneficial for the company as a whole.

4. Engraved Swiss Army Knife

Everyone will appreciate receiving a gift of a Swiss Army Knife. Their versatility is legendary. Even if your boss already has one, adding another to the collection is never a bad thing. Engraving it is a very nice touch that will move your boss every time he uses it.

5. Coffee Mug

This is an inexpensive gift item that your boss will surely appreciate. Just be sure not to go with a bland, generic coffee mug. Take a look around to find a unique mug that your boss will enjoy. Get a personalized mug or one that relates to your boss’s interests. As long as the mug has some personality, your boss is sure to love it.

Article by Dixie Somers