When a loved one is in a rehabilitation center, you may feel as though you should send them a gift to let them know how much you care about them and support them in their recovery. By receiving care packages while in rehab, it will further instill in their minds that this is something that they should be doing and that it’s great to know that they have the support of those around them. After you’ve decided that you would like to send a gift their way, choosing the right thing can be a struggle. These top 5 gift ideas are sure to make anyone smile during their recovery period.

Care Package

Favorite Things From Home

A care package that includes your loved ones favorite things from home can really bring them comfort and relaxation. There may have been some things that they forget to pack with them to go to rehab, such as a favorite blanket or something as small as a photograph of their children. Their favorite baked goods, reading material and even a mix CD with their most-loved music on it will really hit close to home and provide them with a truly special and unique gift.

Sweet Care Packages

If the rehab facility permits sending different food items, a care package with their favorite sweets is an excellent idea for those in treatment. Food can be used somewhat as a crutch and substituted for the drugs or alcohol that were ruining their lives. Include favorite such as candies, potato chips, cookies and other little things that you know they love to eat. A little bit of junk food may help them get through the day easier.


While in rehab, many patients and recovering addicts are faced with a lot of challenges and thoughts running through their heads. By providing them with the gift of a journal and pen, they will have somewhere to write down how they’re feeling, things they have been through and where they want to go in life from this point forward. Simply writing down their thoughts and re-reading them can help them to achieve their goals and stay sober.

Stress-Free Care Packages

Help your loved one to remove some of that stress that they’re having right now by sending them a stress-free care package gift in the mail. Add in some scented candles, aromatherapy bubble bath, tea and a good book that will help to keep their mind off of things.

Letters and Pictures

Letters and pictures can be better than any other care package that your loved one will receive while in rehab. Write them something sweet to let them know that you are thinking about them and hold them in your hearts. Keep them up-to-date on important happenings in your life. By simply keeping them in the loop, they’ll know that people out there still care about them.

Author Bio

This article was written by Dixie Somers and coauthored by Stanley Martinson.