Its been a while since I last blogged about gifts for pets and pet owners. In today’s article I am going to show you what are the recommended gifts for someone living in Phoenix Arizona.

The first thing you should know is that certain animals can’t be kept as pets according to Arizona’s laws. It is illegal to have as pets: chimpanzees, foxes,  raccoons, crocodiles, and rattlesnakes. So don’t buy gifts for these animals.

When choosing a gift for a pet owner you have two options: you can get something for the owner or a gift for the pet.

Nowadays shopping for gifts is very easy because almost everything can be found online and there are forums and blogs where you care read other’s people opinions.

Most people love their pets, this is why I recommend getting a gift for the pet. By doing this both the pet and the owner will be happy.

Like always I will give a few ideas for pet gifts. All the products from this article can be found at animal supplies Phoenix.

For a cat owner you can get a Playground with Cat-IQ & Rope Toys (as shown in the images) or some set with mice. There are actually a lot of cat toys being sold right now and the most popular are scratchers, mice (get a remote controlled model), cat towers, cat charmer wands, and sponge soccer balls.

What Gifts You Can Get In Phoenix Arizona For A Pet Owner 7

For a dog owner you may opt for different dog toys. The chewing toys are always a good idea and you can also get some throwing sticks. The dogs just loves to run  after it and bring the stick back. Bone shaped toys are always love by dogs.

I found an interesting toy for dogs- a sofa which I think it will make an inspired gift. See the image posted below.

What Gifts You Can Get In Phoenix Arizona For A Pet Owner 8

And you should know that an interactive laser pet toy is a good option for both cats and dogs.

For the ones who loves their fishes getting aquarium decorations such as sand, rocks, lights and castles is a great idea. Everyone loves those. Look for products made from Poly-Resin or polyrisen because these items resits well over time and they are not affected by water. I liked the Spot Poly-Resin Harbor House  (see the image posted below) and it is affordable – it costs less than $10.

Any aquarium decoration if it looks pretty will be appreciated.

What Gifts You Can Get In Phoenix Arizona For A Pet Owner 9


Birds owners love to receive all sorts of gifts for their beloved pets. Bird nets, feeders, waterier and other bird toys are always a good idea.

For reptiles you may want to have a look at the Lee’s Kritter Keeper Mini Rectangular with Lid which is excellent for the ones who want to collect small animals. It features self locking and a vented lid.

There are also gifts for small animals. There are a lot of options and usually you can’t get wrong by buying a gift for the pet. The pet and the owner will appreciate it.

If you have other ideas please use the comment box to share them.