Shoes can be a Great Gift for Men

It’s notoriously difficult to buy gifts for men. This is in part because when men indulge, they tend to indulge in things they can use. While women might enjoy getting a new necklace or a spa treatment, men tend to enjoy splurging on tools, cars, and things they’ll use every day. It can be frustrating when a woman wants to spoil her man with something a bit more generous but has no idea what he would want as an extravagance. Buying men gifts is all about combining luxury with practicality. A pair of shoes can be a great gift: they offer the utility men desire (everyone wears shoes everyday) and the specialness women want their gift to convey. Different personalities are best suited for different types of shoes.


The Sportsman

It might be tempting to immediately think of athletic shoes when you think about buying your sporty man new shoes, but it might be prudent to think about his closet. If your man is running every day, the chances are he already has a pair of running shoes he values. In addition, sometimes men who work out a lot are in need of a formal wardrobe upgrade. Does he have a pair of loafers he can wear for a business casual look? Sometimes it’s more thoughtful when someone to thinks outside of your niche.

The Businessman

It’s probably a safe bet that your executive has a pair of nice oxfords and a pair of quality loafers, so this might be a good opportunity to spoil him with a nice pair of monk straps. Monk straps are similar to loafers in that they have no laces or ties, but feature an added leather strap and metallic buckle on the upper part of the shoe, for a different look. Monk straps can be the perfect shoe for outfits that don’t seem to pair well with either loafers or oxfords.

The Retiree

For a man in his golden years, footwear is about comfort. That doesn’t mean he has forgotten about style, but a well-crafted shoe that makes it easier to get around would be much appreciated. To encourage him so stay active while still spoiling his good taste, a quality walking shoe would be a great gift. Look for walking shoes that offer solid stability and ankle support.
For men of all styles and ages, shoes are a great way to show that you care about their needs and wants. If you’re concerned about fit, find the sizing on the shoes they wear most often and then keep a gift receipt just in case. By giving your man a pair of quality shoes, you are giving him a gift that will flatter his tastes and last him years.

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