Receiving a food hamper by post is a great experience. A food hamper is ideal for all occasions from birthdays to baby showers and Christmas.

A hamper is a basket like item. In Britain, it refers to a large wicker basket, mostly carrying food. Today there are many companies that offer the services of readymade food hampers. In UK and Ireland, there is great demand for such hampers. Most hampers companies link their services to occasions like Christmas with the option of ordering the hampers throughout the year. Supermarkets, delis and grocers also stock readymade food hampers for sale.

Though you can buy food hampers readymade, it is often better to make one on your own at home. By doing so, you can customize the food hamper according to the taste and preferences of the recipient.

Food hampers come in different sizes and shapes. They may be simple or luxurious filled with common everyday fare or gourmet food. It may also follow a theme and contain items that go with the theme. You can create food hampers to fit any budget, but mostly it will be less costly than a food hamper from a store.

The first task in creating a food hamper is to find a basket to hold the food items. Wicker baskets are inexpensive, sturdy and come in different shapes and sizes. Whenever you get gifts in baskets, save up the latter for future use as a hamper basket. If you want to gift something really heavy, you should go in for a sturdy cardboard box and cover it with wrapping paper.

Whatever be the box you use, it is good to fill it with shredded paper. It not only looks nice but also protects food items from damage. You can either make the shredded paper at home or buy coloured ones from shops in hues ranging from metallic to pastels. Silver or gold is the idea for a luxurious look. Wrap it up and tie a bow made of ribbon on top.

The next thing after deciding on the cover is to decide on the items to fill the basket itself. This depends on the recipient’s tastes and preferences. For an elderly relative or friend, a delightful basket can be filled with butter cookies, jams, preserves, fruit cakes and beverages. Make a mix of items used daily and luxurious treats that they covet.

A person who loves cooking can be presented a theme basket. For the cooks who adore Italian food include pasta, parmesan, Parma ham and Grissini. For Thai food lovers include items like kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, fish sauce and Jasmine rice. Consider organic food items for a food hamper for an environmentally conscious or a vegetarian person. There is a huge variety of vegetarian and organic foods available in the market today and options for cheap food hampers.

But for those who appreciate fine things of life, a gourmet food basket will do. It can be filled with champagne, truffles, pate, infused oil and smoked salmon. For food connoisseurs, a wine and food hamper can be presented. You can also include a wine bottle, or a bottle of sherry or port.

Making a food hamper by you takes time and thought to decide on the items to be included from the innumerable options available. This makes receiving homemade food hampers much more valuable.

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