The perfect present is supposed to put a smile on a person’s face but more than often People simply buy a present that the person they give it to simply does not like it. This does not come as a surprise because of the fact that people are different and they just love different things. However, there is one type of presents that you can hardly go wrong with and these are practical gifts. There is a high probability that they will be put into practice minutes after they are given, so they will not sit on a shelf picking up dust for years. What is more, more the person whom you give the present to will definitely remember this kind act because they will actively use this present and every time they pick it up or take a good look at it, they will remember you and your kindness. Choosing the ideal practical gift is not easy, but here is a lift list of some the most common practical gifts for all occasions, from birthdays to wedding ceremonies.

Travel pillow: The perfect gift for your friend who likes to travel

If you have a friend who is living a nomadic lifestyle and they are constantly on the bus or on an aeroplane, then the ideal gift for them would be a travel pillow. You’re not speaking about the cheap models, but high-end models that have been dermatologically tested, so even people with sensitive skin can use them. What is more, many of these travel pillows have speakers installed inside them and they are operated using Bluetooth technology. There are even pillows that have LED strips inside them, so, your friend will definitely stand out from the crowd on the night train. If you think they already own a travel pillow, don’t be set off by this fact because a good quality pillow is something that every traveller needs and dreams of, pun intended.

Why We love Practical Gifts (And so Should You) 1

A universal printer: For the office type

Modern business involves a lot of outsourcing so you are bound to have at least one friend works from his or her house. The thing that they probably lack the most inside their home office is a good universal printer. This is where you step in, as an all-in-one printer that you will buy them will make it possible to scan, copy, print, and fax important documents. Furthermore, the advanced features on the printer will allow them to print spreadsheets and even images from the family holiday. In the end, the whole family will be thankful for this all-in-one gift.

Appliance supplies: The most practical of all gifts

People say that true beauty lies within and nowhere is this saying truer than when it comes to appliances around the house. Just think about it, what is your friend going to do with a nice vase if their washing machine has been broken for over a week and they cannot do their laundry? While you are Out there buying paraphernalia, the person you want to give something to is probably searching online websites for spare parts that they cannot find. If you know they have a broken home appliance, suggest companies such as Wholesale Appliance Supplies.

Why We love Practical Gifts (And so Should You) 2

An electronic toothbrush: A splash of bathroom luxury

Similar to your experience at the dentist, your friend has probably been listening to the advice of their dentist to purchase an electronic toothbrush, but they have never found the time nor the money needed to complete this purchase. An electronic toothbrush is really a luxurious bathroom feature so people always postpone buying it because there are more important things to spend money on, like gym memberships or holiday trips. This is the main reason why they will be over the Moon once they see an electric toothbrush that you will give them for their birthday or some other joyous occasion. Now, they too will be able to boast in front of their dentist that they have reached the 21st century of teeth cleaning.

A good-quality umbrella: A gift that will last

Don’t you get annoyed by the fact that the umbrellas we can buy on today’s market usually last no longer than a month of intensive use? The quality of these umbrellas had degrades so much that we have basically forgotten that there still do exist high-end umbrellas that admittedly cost extra cash. Well, one such good-quality umbrella is the ideal practical gift because it is going to get used every time it rains snows outside. Furthermore, its new owner will constantly be amazed by its sturdiness and as an end result they will also think of you as a good-quality person and a friend, so there is no way that a top-notch umbrella can turn out to be a bad gift.

Why We love Practical Gifts (And so Should You) 3

Finally, you should never forget that your practical gift needs to reflect the personality of the individual you are presenting the gift to. For instance, there is no point in giving a travel pillow to a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle.

By Audrey Taylor