Healing crystals have long been used as an alternative to medicine and medical procedures. In addition to their scientific properties, they are widely believed to align and transform energy. Externally, crystals are applied to the body to transform and move energy, promoting changes in everything from pain and diseases to spirituality and chakras. In today’s age, crystals and the minerals that grow in them are found in everything from healing crystal necklaces to CT scanners.

Crystals and Science

Minerals found in crystals are used for myriad scientific and medical purposes, including medical equipment and procedures. Additionally, trace minerals found in crystals are essential to human health, such as manganese, found in rhodonite, which assists the body in vital processes such as converting food into energy and healing wounds.

Crystals and Art

Today, healing properties of crystals are often combined with artistic fashions to create functional statement pieces, meant both to adorn and heal your body. Healing crystal necklaces are a popular choice, laying close to the body and aligning energy based on the properties particular to each type of stone. For instance, emeralds are believed to promote loyalty and sensitivity, enhance focus, and encourage successful love and relationships. Quartz is said to promote energy and awareness, stimulating the brain and causing you to feel more active.

Crystals and You

In addition to researching the properties of different crystals, healers also often advise that you trust your instinct and choose stones to which you are initially drawn — these are said to have an even greater effect. Plus, you’ll simply enjoy the beauty of these earthly treasures.

Whatever you seek to change in your body and life, there is likely a crystal associated with promoting it. Whether you choose to wear them, such as healing crystal necklaces or bracelets, carry them in pockets, or apply them to your centers of energy, selecting the right crystals may help to advance your goals.