While it might still be a while away, Christmas is slowly creeping up on us. There’s less than three months to Christmas, and although you may not be thinking too much of presents and parties, it’s at least worth considering what kind of signs there are that Christmas in on its way. From decorations through to television adverts, and including Christmas cards in shops and changing work activities, some things stay the same most years in reminding you that the festive season is around the corner. These signs include:

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1 – The First Person On Your Street Puts Up Their Decorations

When someone puts up their decorations can vary considerably. Some like to wait until the week, or even a few days before Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, while others can barely wait until Halloween is over before starting to add decorations. There’s always one person who puts up theirs in your street before anyone else, and acts as a sign that Christmas is on its way, albeit in a month or so.

2 – TV Adverts Start to Change

The Coca-Cola Christmas advert, which typically features a truck delivering soft drinks to a town, is one of the oldest and most recognisable Christmas adverts to appear each year. Once the Christmas adverts do start, it’s hard to ignore them, and chances are there’ll be at least one department store advert that has the potential to reduce grown men to tears.

3 – Slade Come on the Radio

You know that Christmas has crept up on you again when Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ makes its first appearance on the radio. Throw in some Wizard, Wham or Mariah Carey, and before you know it, the airwaves seem to be full of Christmas songs before you’ve even had the chance to start putting together their card lists.

4 – You Start Seeing Cards in the Shops

Christmas cards tend to start appearing in shops in about November, if not earlier. The sight of boxed cards, and offers online, are usually enough to get people thinking about who they’ll have to send cards to before Christmas Day.

5 – Ice Rinks and Christmas Markets

Ice rinks often appear almost overnight in towns, and disappear again just as quickly after Christmas. Some even push for an earlier start, and are usually found alongside Christmas and German themed markets offering seasonal delicacies.

6 – Coffee Shops Switch Their Cups

Perhaps more important to some people than others (caffeine addicts), the switch in coffee shops to red cups is a good indicator that the Christmas season is picking up speed. Gingerbread lattes tend to be a specialty during this period.

7 – Work Gets Harder

Although you can’t say that you’re no warned, work can suddenly get a lot more rushed in the month or so leading up to Christmas. Projects need to be finished, and retail outlets suddenly get a lot more crowded.

8 – You Start Getting Calls About Your Plans

People like to be organised, which is understandable. However, when you start getting October calls or emails about where you’re going to be for Christmas, you know that some people are way ahead of you in terms of their planning.

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Serena Grant is an arts and crafts fanatic, blogging and writing about her experiences and knowledge of all things crafty. In addition to this, she designs personalised cards for special occasions. She would personally recommend katiescards.com.