With Christmas around the corner, gift giving becomes a time-occupying concern. What gifts will our many friends and relatives cherish? Will they keep all our gifts or return them or even exchange them? It might be a good idea to gift your friends things that appeal to their hobbies, such as travel. In this article we will sharing 15 gift ideas that you can gift to you known ones who travel a lot.

1. Portable Solar Charging Kit

Solar Panel Charger

This kit comes with foldable 40W solar panels and a rechargeable 8Ah Lithium-Ion battery which means more charging time. It also comes with power inverter, car jumper cables and cigarette lighter adapter. With this kit, you can power your cell phones, iPads, lights, and laptops – literally any device that comes with a standard plug or USB cable.

2. Wordlock 4-Dial Luggage Lock

This combination lock allows you to set your combination using words, as opposed to using numbers. Use the first or last four letters of that word to lock your luggage using this lock, and sleep safely. Your luggage will escape the bolt cutters at the airport security as well, as these locks are Travel Sentry approved.

3. Bra Stash Wallet

For women travelers, here’s an extra safe way to store money and small valuables. A bra stash is a tiny wallet that hooks to your bra strap and keeps your valuables safe. This is vastly different from pinning a pouch to one’s bra. Pickpockets look mostly in pant, skirt and coat pocks, making the bra stash wallet the best option for female travelers.

4. Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

Using this hybrid charger, you can tap solar power through three solar blades in sunny Venice or plug the charger into the wall in rainy Britain. This dual option makes this an ideal gift for the global traveler to charge digital cameras, cell phones GPS devices and so on.

5. Diesel DZ4199 XXL Triple Time Zone Chronograph

This slip-resistant silicone strap watch can be set to display time in three timezones. Set one zone to where you are currently and the third zone to where you plan to travel next. Isn’t that fabulous?

6. Astro A40 Wireless System

The Astro A40 is a great complete wireless gaming headset with superb 5:1 and 7:1 surround sound effects. It is comfortable, easy to set up, has a completely adjustable and removable boom mike and works with any headphone.

7. Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset

This great looking technologically advanced Bluetooth headset comes with a built-in accelerometer, killer noise cancellation, caller ID by name and HD quality audio. Its amazing audio quality, innovative design, high end features and ease of use makes this a great traveler’s gift.

8. Apple iPad2

The iPad 2 has an impeccable design, is dramatically thinner and has both front and back cameras. You can connect with your family from anywhere using the FaceTime video chat feature, with the fast processor keep your videos real time and fresh. There are great 3G options for both AT&T and Verizon as well.

9. Rick Steves Packing Cube Set

Wire framed packing cubes are compression packs into which you can pack and organize a great deal of your goods. These cubes go easily into your backpack, sparing you the task of pulling everything out to find what you want.

10. Petzl Tikka Headlamp

This tiny headlamp fits into your palm, weighs less than a golf ball, but comes with three LED bulbs that give you 150,000 hours of burn time. On a dark trail, that means 150 hours of illumination. Durable and water resistant, with a fully adjustable, cushioned forehead strap, it’s the best gift you can give or get.

11. Grand Trunk Silk Sleep Sack

This sleep sack adds 10-12 degrees of warmth to your sleeping bag if you’re camping outdoors. The sack is made of silk, which is a natural, breathable and bug-resistant. The sleep sack has an attached waterproof stuff sack to prolong your sack’s life.

12. Pacsafe’s TravelSafe

This lightweight portable safe is what travelers need to lock up and secure their valuables to a fixture. The high-tensile stainless steel cable with padlock and locking device is integrated with the device and cinches on to any pipe or hardware to which it is secured.

13. FlareSafe

This device combines three things all travelers need; a travel smoke detector, LED flashlight and personal alarm. So whichever part of the world you’re in, you’re safe and protected when you carry the lightweight FlareSafe.

14. Dry Pak Alligator Wallet

A bright yellow cam-lock clip hermetically seals this heavy gauge vinyl pouch, keeping the water out. An adjustable neck lanyard helps keep your pouch easy to access. There’s plenty room for all your cash, documents, phone and keys.

15. Heys USA eScale Luggage Scale

This tiny digital luggage scale is so small it fits in your palm, but it can weigh luggage up to 110 pounds. The scale has amazing digital accuracy, easy to read display and a strong metal hook hold on to your pack.