So it’s that time of year again – shops are packed to the rafters and we’re all frantically looking for those last minute gifts. Even though Christmas might be just a matter of days away, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make some savings on your festive purchases…and here’s how.


Weigh-up card costs

Christmas cards may be lovely things to have standing on your mantelpiece, but they can be more of a financial burden than many of us realise. If you get your act together, you can still take advantage of second-class postage – leave it too close to the big day and you’ll have to fork out for first-class stamps.

Think about hand-delivering cards to friends and family who live close by – or perhaps even substitute them for e-cards this year!

Beat the last-minute dash

Leaving your present buying until the last minute might seem like a good idea, but it will leave you paying over-the-odds for guaranteed delivery if you’re buying online. Planning ahead will mean you can still get your goods in time for Christmas without having to fork out on special delivery prices.

Use this handy tool from Castle Cover for information on the last posting dates for major retailers in the UK and beyond.

Cut back on brands

There’s no reason why you can’t substitute some expensive brands for cheaper versions when it comes to making Christmas dinner – will anyone really notice if your cranberry sauce is from a budget supermarket?

Do Secret Santa

If you have a group of friends who you usually buy gifts for, why not think about doing Secret Santa this year? Set a limit you’re all happy with and just buy one present – it’ll cut down the amount you have to spend and reduce the stress of finding everyone that perfect gift!