The 5 gift ideas for women birthday are:

1. Bath & Shower Basket

Bath & Shower Basket

A women can relax with this beautiful decorative gift basket,a great skin care and protection regime which includes Moisturizer (8 oz.) Shampoo (4 oz.) Conditioner Bath & Shower Gelee Skin Cleanser (4 oz.) and a LipKist SPF 15 lip protection.

2. From India, Wooden Jewelry Box With Carving, Handcrafted Unique Gifts

Wooden Jewelry Box With Carving Handcrafted Unique Gifts 

Brass wires have been beautifully inlaid on sari printing wood blocks to achieve smooth flawless finish on this lovely jewelry box. Ideal for storing your small jeweleries and trinkets. Beautifully carved out of wood, the wooden Jewelry boxes are enclosures for Jewelry. These boxes often have intricate carvings, brass inlay and hammered metal. These wooden Jewelry boxes are hand crafted by master craftsmen. The skills are reflected in the exotic woods that are veneered and inlaid with designs, and attractive bandings. Jewelry boxes have crushed velvet interior in red, green, purple, and blue color. Wooden Jewelry boxes are expertly finished and smooth to touch. These luxurious Jewelry boxes not only protect Jewelry but are excellent gift items also.

3. Happy Birthday Candle with Dried Flowers

Happy Birthday Candle with Dried Flowers  

Celebrate someone’s special day with this pink Happy Birthday candle decorated with dried flowers.

4. Silver Pendant With Amethyst Gemstones And Chain, Indian Jewelry, Romantic Anniversary Birthday

jewelry set.jpg

Silver chain and pendant with matching ring and ear ring. The pendant, ring and ear ring has Amethyst stone inlaid in silver. Silver is supposed to have a cooling effect on the wearers metabolism, whereas those of gold are believed to heat up the body. It is but natural that being popular among the vast rural communities, the silver jewelry of India reflects an enormous array of techniques, patterns, motifs, as well as beliefs and practices of the micro cultural regions to which they respectively belong. Flowers and foliage, fruits and berries, birds and animals commonly found in the surroundings of each region have been instrumental in providing design inspiration to the local silversmiths.

5. Rise & Shine On Your Birthday Gift Basket

gift basket.jpg

Rise & Shine on your birthday with this delicious breakfast gift basket. Cinnamon Apple Pancake Mix, Maple Syrup, Cappuccino, Coffee, Tea, Biscotti, and more including a “Happy Birthday” 11 ounce ceramic coffee or tea mug!