A host of different and worthy gifts for graduates are out there, especially with the Internet at our fingertips to help strike us with inspiration. But what graduates want and what they need may be two different things. Here is a list that takes both needs and wants into consideration giving clueless gift givers the perfect opportunity to reward graduates for a job well done but also to encourage them in their future lives.

5 Gift Ideas For Recent Graduates

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A tablet

Tablets provide a tool that can be used for both personal and professional reasons. They serve as a digital camera, e-reader, provide access to the internet, can host innumerable apps, and if you’re lucky, provide a perfect host for Skype. The best part is this versatile and lightweight bit of tech has a wide price range ensuring you won’t have to break the bank.


Whether graduates decide to further their education by attending a different school in the fall, plan to explore the world, set out on their own, good luggage is a necessity. Fortunately for gift-givers, purchasing a sturdy and reliable set of suitcases is also not something recent graduates give much thought to.


Frames are also a popular gift, giving grads an opportunity to hang photos of their graduation, friends they had to say goodbye to, and generally cataloging the new stage of their life while saying goodbye to the old. Document frames are another good option, especially an elegant, professional one to house that recently earned diploma.

Advice Books

If your graduate is heading off to college, a host of advice books filled with tips for dorm and university life are available. If the real world is the next step, why not provide some information on financial planning so you won’t end up having to bail them out in a few years? Other useful titles include cook books and DIY repair and craft instructions.


Money and Gift Cards Monetary gifts may seem like a thoughtless gesture but the truth is, what young people starting out on their own really need is money. Whether they’re now forced to be financially responsible for the first time, need to start saving for a rainy day, or just don’t know how to cook for themselves, some quick cash can serve as bail out or simply some extra funds to relax and have some fun with.

When looking for the perfect graduation gift, the most important thing you can do is consider your graduate. Are they going to further their schooling? Are they moving away from home and starting out on their own? Any one of these top five gifts are sure to be a winner and will even allow graduates to step out into the world with their best foot forward.

Article by Rianne Hunter