Being a child is such a special moment and one that is surrounded by so much excitement and joy. For adults it provides an amazing time to provide children with some especial gifts, many of which will be deemed so wonderful they will be remembered always.


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We’ve compiled a list of five of the gifts your children will most likely remember and that you may remember receiving as a child too.

The First Bike

It’s a cliché, but you do always recall your first bike. Whether it’s because it’s the next step onwards from walking, or if it’s because it takes so long for you to master the art – we don’t know. However, the first bike is a rite of passage for children and an amazing present. If they already have a bike, why not add a bell as a gift, streamers or even a new more comfortable seat.

Christmas Letters

One of the greatest of all gift giving times is Christmas and the excitement around the celebration is thick. For years little ones will send off letters to Santa, in the hope of him rewarding them for being a good boy or girl. However, how about if they got a letter back from the big man? Personalised Santa letters are an unforgettable gift for little ones, especially around the time they learn to read and get to grips with the magic of the occasion.

Start a Collection

Children love collecting items, so why not spur them in the right direction with the first of a new treasury of items. Whether, it’s a stamp, coins, minerals or otherwise; you can start a lifetime collection with an interesting first buy.

Numbered Football Jersey

For boys, a new football jersey can be one of the greatest of all gifts. Adding their hero’s name to the back of the shirt, or better again personalising it with their name can really give them something to treasure when out and about on the park. It really can be the ultimate gift for young boys with football fever.

Amazing Experiences

Taking them away to somewhere they’ve always wanted to go to is the perfect way to create an element of magic. We all love being brought somewhere exciting and for children the dream is often Disney Land or a theme park of one sort or another. Commemorating the special day or weekend with personalised photo gifts can be a great way to reinforce how special the occasion is.

All of these gifts are exciting, wonderful and magical for children and the sort of thing they will recall for the immediate and long term future.

Cormac Reynolds writes for a variety of gift websites and is a love of gift giving and receiving – then again who isn’t?