Summer is a happy, memorable time for both kids and adults alike. Perhaps it’s because of the fireflies, the cross-country trips, the barbecue picnics, or the trips to the beach. No matter what reason, summer memories are best preserved. Once preserved, these mementos can also serve as gifts for those people you’ve shared your summer with.

Here are five creative gift ideas that preserve your summer memories.

1. Photos


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One of the best ways to immortalize your summer experience is by taking as many pictures of you can. Photos document the different activities you’ve done, people you’ve been with, places you’ve seen. After your vacation, compile all photos into an album and turn it into a personalized gift. If you wish to highlight a specific picture, you can also turn it into a photo canvas print. Large canvas prints are great to hang on the wall while smaller ones look great on your living room shelf.

2. T-shirts

One great way to remember your summer escapade is by purchasing souvenir items such as T-shirts. If you went theme park hopping, or went on the most thrilling ride of your life, then make sure to bring home a tee from the souvenir shop as a testament. You can also be original and have a shirt printed with your own design. It may be a photo or any design that would bring you back to that exact summer moment.

3. Summer journal

If you want a detailed vacation for a gift, a summer journal is just the thing. To be able to do this, you should have a handy notebook all throughout summer. Jot down the events that took place, day by day. Remember to include the details meticulously. Reading every journal entry will bring you and the person you are giving it to a very close look into the events that happened.

4. Scrapbook

If you’re the artsy type, why not create a storyline of your summer in a scrapbook instead? A scrapbook is like a summer journal, but it has less words and more photos and embellishments. While organizing your photos, think of ways to pair them with embellishments to make the pages pop out. Another good idea is to design your scrapbook to resemble the place you’ve been to. For instance, if you’ve spent it at the beach, consider tan-colored background paper. If you’ve been to a place with higher altitude, make sure to incorporate mountains or clouds to your entire layout.

5. Other keepsakes

Aside from shirts and photos, there are many other keepsakes that can remind you of your summer vacation. It may be a keychain, a paper napkin to your favorite bistro, a pair of your favorite slippers, or the soundtrack of the whole experience–the options are endless. Just make sure you add a personal touch or a short back story about the items before giving them as gifts.

What about you? Do you have a favorite way to preserve your summer experience? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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