Now a day it’s getting really common to find parents who don’t want to know the gender or sex of their child before birth. As a big gender revel parties or baby showers are being a very big part of our social gathering. So, one of the major problem people face is what to gift. In these kinds of parties where you don’t know for whom you are buying the gift either it’s a baby girl or a boy so it’s a very big hustle but the intelligent approach is to buy something that is gender-neutral gift and works perfectly for any gender. The best part about is it’s a little freeing as u don’t have to stick to buying Barbie for girls and cars for boys, we can be more creative with our gifts to solve this problem following are the 8 best ideas of unisex gifts that can work best for both either of them.

1.    Cloths

This could be by far one of the very common idea for a gift but the bonus part about it is that we can use the color scheme in our benefit and choose neutral color cloths for the baby for example a white polo shirt will perfectly work for a baby boy or girl. The wide range of neutral color scheme is quite beneficial in this case. As in white, grey, blue and black will work for both genders. 

2.    Stuff toys

Every baby needs a stuff toy to grow up with as they provide sense of comfort some also say that they help babies in social skills. We all have a stuffed animal in our childhood who has been our best friend for many years but the question arises what kind of stuff toy is characterized as gender neutral. Mostly animal stuff toys are considered gender neutral such as bunnies or teddy bears and dogs.

3.    Stroller

Stroller is essential for any parent. Going for a morning walk with your child or for grocery Stroller is a must thing. That’s why it turns out to be a very good and effective gender-neutral gift. The best part is that they have so many varieties which is very fascinating. 

4.    Bouncer seat

As our lives are getting busier day by day bouncer seats ae very helpful for parents. This gives them a bit more time in hand to engage in other work while baby is busy with playing in the seat.

5.    Sleep sack

People say that it’s an old technique of wrapping your baby up which gives him a feeling of being in a womb which helps him in being calm and makes them sleep soundly. The main part that helps us to make it a neutral gender gift is the color scheme. Choosing the neutral colors will make this gift suitable for any gender.

6.    Blankets

There are never enough blankets for new born babies. They need to be comfortable warm and cozy. There are so many soft and neutral prints blankets like having clouds or lambs which are also fun and trendy in fashion.

7.    Skincare items

Infant are very sensitive when it comes to skin. So, it’s a great idea to give them some good quality skin care products which includes moisturizer, face wash along with shampoo, soap and powder. At this point or age there are same products for all the genders which makes it a very fascinating gift for the babies. A good skincare routine will give the baby healthy skin in the future.

8.    Playing mat

One of very viral gifts now a day is playing mat for new born babies. It’s a mat where baby moves and explore around and plays with its toys.  It is said that playing mat is very helpful for the motor skills and sensory skills of the baby moreover it’s also a very good source of entertainment for the baby as well. And we can’t really characterize playing mat for any gender as its essential for either one of them.

These were some helpful ideas to find a perfect gift but we can be more creative and generate many more ideas as well as gift is all about our creativity.

By Sadia