Have you ever noticed the freedom that comes along with traveling with a single bag? Imagine having all your essentials in a single backpack; it is probably the best feeling when gliding from one region to another. It typically makes you feel secure and reduces the risk of losing your important stuff during your trip. That’s what the Kenstone backpack is all about. But let’s dig a little deeper about these K-bags

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K-bag Features that Make it Distinct from Other Backpacks

Having various brands in the market all competing for your attention makes it difficult for most customers to come up with the best. However, certain brands stand out in the market due to their uncommon features. Kenstone backpacks are some of those breathtaking brands that will make your search for bags yield lasting results. So, what makes this K-bag outstanding?

1.    Perfect Design and style

In our millennial age, the design of a backpack is one thing that spices any trip. Measuring 28 x 14 x 45 cm, K-bag comes with obsessing stylish designs that make it stand out from others. It comes with a separate laptop or iPad compartment and the main compartment where you store your main luggage. Besides, there is a front compartment where you store small items, side pockets made of mesh for your water bottle or umbrella, and theft-proof pockets for the small essential items. This could be the reason why many people are falling for these Kenstone backpacks.

2.    Comfortable air-permeable straps and backs

Who does not want to have a comfortable backpack? Beautiful K-bags have very comfortable padded straps, padded backs, and padded grab handles, keeping your shoulders, palms, and back comfortable even when carrying heavy loads. Besides, they are breathable hence less sweating.

3.    Integrated charging and headphone ports

This is perhaps the best feature that sets this bag apart. K-bag comes with an inbuilt USB charging system making it easier for you to charge your phone while traveling. So, place your power-bank in the bag and connect it to your phone easily. No hassles. The same case for your earphones and headphones

4.    High quality and water-resistant material 

The high-quality fabric material used in making this K-bag explains why the bag is sturdy and long-lasting compared to other backpacks in the market. It is made of a water-resistant polyester fabric coupled with metal zippers. That ensures that your contents in the bag are secure throughout your journey. 

5.    Secure Integrated lock and anti-theft pockets

Besides having some hidden pockets where you can store your documents like passport, earphones, glasses, purses, and money, the Kenstone bag is fitted with a secure integrated lock. The lock has some password, and that means when you lock it, no intruder can access your goodies. That’s a very cool feature that is rare in other backpacks. 

6.    Light Proof and Light reflective stripes

It goes without mentioning this fantastic feature of the K-bag; light proof and reflective. As light-proof, it doesn’t allow light to penetrate the bag contents. At night it can reflect light and keep you safe from an incoming vehicle.

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By Valeri