Regardless of whether you are a parent or not, you are probably aware of how stressful the period after bringing a new baby home can be. New parents are exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time and any amount of help is well appreciated.

So, if any of your friends recently got a cute little bundle of joy, you might be thinking of paying them a visit and getting them a gift. In case you are not sure what to get them, read on to get some inspiration for a present that every new parent will love.

Get them plenty of diapers

Baby with diapers. Gaby gifts

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

First of all, a gift you simply can’t go wrong with. While you will need to know the size and brand they require, supplying the new parents with plenty of diapers is always welcome. Seeing as how babies go through eight to ten diapers a day on average in the first month of life, your friends will be super grateful that they won’t have to run to the store every day.

However, keep in mind that the baby’s growth rate means that they will need a bigger size at a certain point so make sure not to order too many.

Look for cute clothes

In addition to diapers, babies also go through a lot of clothes and outgrow them pretty quickly as well. This is why it’s important not to buy too many pieces and actually look for some bigger models that will fit them even in a couple of months.

gifts for babies and new parents. baby with Christmas hat

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Fortunately, even if you know nothing about this topic, nowadays there are many baby clothes buying guides that you can look at and see what the best approach would be. You can also consult with the new parents to see whether they are missing some other essentials like bedding and blankets.

Make swaddling easier

If your friends, just like the billions of parents before them, opt for the swaddling technique, you could look for a way to make this much easier. Instead of wraps and blankets which could pose a risk of suffocation and lead to overheating, you can get them a swaddle or a romper that is specifically designed to ensure safe swaddling.

These garments do not only gently hold the baby’s arms down but they also keep healthy hip development in mind. Plus, the new parents are sure to thank you as these pieces help the baby sleep longer. Moreover, there are different models and prints you can choose from.

Equip them with a sling

On certain days, the new parents will have some errands to run or things to do around the home but they will not want to leave their baby alone. Then, why not equip them with a practical sling? This gift could mean so much to them seeing as how the baby will be near them all the time and their hands will be free to deal with their obligations. Win-win!

Work out a meal delivery plan

It’s not uncommon for new parents to be so overwhelmed by taking care of the baby that they simply forget to eat properly. One way to help them is by organizing meal delivery to their home. The great thing is that now there are plenty of services you can rely on.

For example, some companies provide all the ingredients needed to prepare meals while some caterers make the dishes and drop them off at your friends’ home. Another thing to consider is a healthy snack subscription box that is full of delicious and organic products. What is more, there are even baby food delivery companies that make balanced meals that every little munchkin will adore.

Alternatively, you can also do some cooking or baking if you’re good at it – you know new parents will love that.

Hire a cleaning service

Just like how they sometimes might not have enough time to prepare proper meals, they also might not get a chance to tidy up their place. This is a great opportunity for you to hire a cleaning service that will help them keep everything neat.

Luckily, there are so many professionals in this area that all you need to do is talk to your friend and find a convenient time for the cleaner to drop by. They will take care of everything from vacuuming and dusting to scrubbing the appliances. On the other hand, you can also look into a robot vacuum which can easily be set up to clean the house every day without them having to do anything.

While this might not be a baby gift, your friends are sure to appreciate it as that means they will have some extra time to spend with their little one or just get some rest.

These six ideas are just some of the many amazing things you could gift new parents. Regardless of whether you get something for the baby or something that will take the pressure off their shoulders for at least a little bit, they will be forever grateful and pleased that you are thinking about them.

By Daria Winters