Many people do not know what to buy their friends especially when they are going to a house warming party. They always worry that whatever they want to buy, the new homeowners might already have it. However, there are some common items are tend to be overlooked by most homeowners, things that they might need, or they already have, but could use another one. The following are great gifts that people can buy their friends who are moving into their new house:


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Door mats

Most homeowners would appreciate this item. Door mats compliment the beauty of rooms. They instantly add warmth and comfort whenever a person enters the home. It certainly helps that they trap some of the dirt that their visitors may be tracking into their home as well. They are also very affordable making them a cheap but beautiful gift to get someone. There are many styles available; even the outdoor ones that you can scrape your shoes on BEFORE entering the home. All in all, a practical gift idea!


This is a perfect gift, especially for for male homeowners. Everybody enjoys making a few sausages, ribs and lean stakes once in awhile. This gift will enable them make a nice meat dish, especially during holidays and weekends. Most men who are not comfortable cooking in the kitchen, seem to excel in the area of grilling! There are a variety of models and price ranges, depending on what they can cook and their complexity. Getting this ideal gift will make any homeowner very happy.

discount spa covers

This is a great idea if the home has great outdoor features like a hot-tub and back patio! It’s possible the previous owners of the home haven’t upgraded the hot tub cover, so this is an original idea for a gift. The spa hot tub covers are very hygienic and protect this investment. You can find discount spa covers that can be bought new or used and fit various models. Used spa hot tub covers must be well maintained in order to make them fit for re-use. Spa Mart is a great place to look for discount spa covers and you can check out the different prices and the various discounts that are offered on each. Check it out to see if this is something you can consider as a gift.

These items as outlined can be well appreciated by any homeowner. Their inexpensive nature will make sure you find a decent gift for your friends without digging too deep into your pocket. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a gift idea for a new homeowner!