Drones are increasing in popularity across the globe as they both entertain and create additional avenues of industry.  According to the FAA, around 2 million drones fill up the airspace in the U.S. alone. For hobbyists, there is an endless stream of entertainment when a drone takes to the skies whether they decide the race or take part in aerial tricks. As a gift, the drone is right up there with watches and power tools. Finding the right one, however, will take a bit of research as they’re all so very different.

For The Avid Photographer

One of the best things to come out of drone technology is the innumerable possibilities that exist with aerial photography. For hobbyists, there are certain restrictions that apply to drone photography that covers everything from safety to privacy. Once they get a handle on the legal and technical side of things, the family photographer will want to get their hands on the Parrot Anafi, DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, or the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. All of these drone models are lauded for their portability and the quality of their images.

Recreation With The Environment In Mind

One of the best ways to enjoy the environment is knowing that your activity does no harm. Outdoorsy types have the opportunity to combine more than one outdoor activity when they take up drone flying, as drones are pretty handy on a hike or climb. Essential gear such as medical supplies and cooking utensils can easily be flown to destinations. This allows campers the freedom of the hike or climb without cumbersome gear, and also ensures that they would take a load off other types of vehicles such as scramblers and trucks. By using a drone, campers also know that there would be far less damage to the ecosystems as nothing will need to be moved or uprooted for the drone to reach the destination, unlike traveling with a vehicle. Drones also require far less to be operated and batteries are the only requirement.

Looking To Become The Next Schumacher Of The Sky

Drone racing is a hobby that’s quickly gaining momentum and for those hoping to enter, it’s going to take a few hundred dollars to get the gear together and a whole lot of hours to practice those controls. For those hoping to surprise a loved one with a racing drone as a gift, a nice idea would be to supplement the gift with a few racing lessons from an industry expert. Racing drones need a little extra stability control are a little more robust than the regular drone, which can make it a little more pricey. For enthusiasts, the hours of play easily make the additional cost worthwhile as these are hours of pure enjoyment.

Drones are an exceptional gift for hobbyists or gadget enthusiasts and it won’t take long before everyone’s outside, enjoying the new toy. Even with the limitations for private use, drones provide hours of play, making it an ideal gift for those who seek fun and adventure. 

By Lucy