So you’re going to a christening soon and you’ve no idea what you want to buy for the baby. No need to worry – there are plenty of great ideas for gifts that will have your own unique personal touch added in.

Check out the suggestions below to get some ideas.

Order a personalized teddy bear


Personalized teddy bears are immensely popular and ideal for either a boy or a girl. Many of them have t-shirts with a message on them, which can include the name of the child and the date of the christening. This provides a lovely memento of the event itself.

Silver plated photo album

This is a great idea because you can fill it with pictures of the baby. Alternatively you can have it engraved with the name and then give it to the parents empty, so they can add pictures of the christening to it afterwards.

Ceramic money box

It’s never too late to start saving for the future! You can buy cute ceramic money boxes for both boys and girls that make ideal small christening presents. Again, some can have the name of the child added and they are available in both boy and girl variations.

Personalized champagne for the parents!

Let’s not forget the parents have good reason to celebrate on their child’s christening day. If you want to treat them you can always buy some personalized champagne. This comes with a special label to the parents and you can get ones that are designed to be given at a christening.

Celebratory christening message plate

These come in lots of different designs and provide a keepsake that can be treasured for a long time to come. The advantage is that the plate usually has a message about the christening including the date and time it took place, as well as the child’s name.


There are certainly plenty of great ideas for christening gifts that have a lot of thought behind them. All you have to do is to consider what type of gift you want to get, how much to spend and what message to put on it, if you are going to get something personalized. Personalized items are very popular because they have details that make the event easy to remember in the future. So think carefully before choosing and make sure your gift will be one of the best.

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