Do you think the geeky woman would be happy with run of the mill consumer electronics or a coat of pink paint, well think again.

Female geeks not only take gadgets as seriously as guy, but they can even sniff a junky gadget.


If you really want to make tech savvy women happy and exhilarating you’ve got to indulge her in obsessions.

Here are 10 gift ideas that will match her nerdy style.

Desktop Robot Vacuum- Techies are generally not the neatest people in the world. So, assist your techie women by giving her a desktop robot vacuum. It is available at at $14.95, this robot does the superlative work.

Finger Mouse-Techie women loves to get hands on the latest computer technology. If you buy this gift, it will require just finger. Logisys optical finger mouse replace the conventional mouse and it is the revolution in the field of technology. You can it buy it from Xoxide at sale of $18.99.

Wi Fi Signal Locator-Nothing is more frustrating for techie women than not being able to search for Wi-Fi hotspot. With Hiri Wi Fi spotter things are really different. It is available at, the techie will easily locate it. It is priced at $29.99.

Portable USB Turner- Do you need tech gift for music enthusiast? Well, this portable USB turntable by ION Audio is an amazing gift. It has inbuilt speaker and software that connects to your computer. It is available at$84.18 from

USB Air Purifier-If the techie chunk of her time around the computer, then freshen her surroundings with USB Air Purifier. It is available at, also they have a USB Air purifier. It’ll cost you around $32.

Multi Monitor Display- In present time, hardcore techies need more than just a single monitor for the desktop.So, add it in your shopping list. It features eight LCD monitor. It is available at a price of $2999.95.

CD carousel- It helps a techie women to organize her growing CD collection. You can buy it from, locate it at Cyberguys CD Carousel Plus- a CD carousel that can store upto 150 CDs or DVDs. It is priced at $129.

Solar Charger- The solar charger can charge numerous consumer electronics that need to be charged on a constant basis. This Solio Universal Hybrid Solar charger utilizes sun to get the work dons. Its compatible with ipods, GPS units, MP3 players and digital camera. You can buy it from at a rate of $143.99

MP3 Sunglasses-Get a pair of Oakley sunglasses this winter. It has inbuilt MP3 player and makes a great gift for techie women. This Oakley Split can be purchased from at $199.

Virtual Laser Keyboard-This new generation keyboard is available at This amazing product utilizes infrared and laser technology and it proves to be a complete keyboard. Your techie women will adore it! You can buy it at $199.99.

These latest gadgets are among the greatest gadgets as well. So, pick sensibly and you’ll be surely rewarded with a kiss.

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