“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” I once saw this quote hanging on the wall of a restaurant while I was out to lunch with friends. I immediately took a picture to commemorate it since I believe these words perfectly describe the way I feel about travel. However, since I am not yet a very experienced traveler, I find it a bit daunting to embark on a journey alone. Someday when I get enough confidence I would love the take the solo flight plunge. But for now, I am quite content to be going on trips with my perennial travel buddy. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, it made me think about finding the perfect gift for my fellow adventure seeker.


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Any trip isn’t complete without the perfect luggage. Whenever I go on an adventure, I always take time to observe other people and their bags. I often feel that their luggage represents the type of people that they are. For the no-nonsense on-the-go type of traveler, the colors of their baggage usually range from black, blue to grey and brown. If you choose dark neutral colors, it’s easier to hide the fact that your luggage has become dusty or stained during travel. For the fashion-conscious, I saw a lot of pinks and reds, not to mention a lot of colorful prints, including the classic leopard print. Choose luggage that best fits your travel buddy’s personality. Is he or she a backpack type or a trolley type? This friday would be the perfect time to purchase this gift as Black Friday sale will mark down a lot of prices on goods, including travel essentials.


You might not think of jacket as a travel essential, but believe me, it is very useful when you embark on a journey. Even if you are going to a tropical destination, always bring a jacket with you since the weather can be very unpredictable. Some airport terminals are also very cold, which means you need a jacket to keep from being chilled to the bones. It can double as a blanket when you need to nap on a bench or if you roll it up, it can become a makeshift pillow. In choosing a jacket for your travel buddy, keep in mind that aside from being lightweight, it must be made of sturdy material that won’t easily wear and tear when you travel. It should also be thick enough–but never too heavy–to ward off the cold. You can opt for plain, dark colors so it can go with anything you wear. Or if you must choose a color, I think red will be a fantastic hue that will add a splash of color to whatever your friend is wearing.

Universal Charger

When I first started out in my travels, I always carried my cellphone and camera as well as laptop chargers. I thought that I would be able to charge with ease anywhere. It was only when I dropped for a visit in Singapore that I realized that not all sockets are the same. This is why you need a universal charger with you, every time you travel. If your travel buddy doesn’t have one yet, Christmas would be the just the right time to gift him or her with one. You can also get one for yourself if you don’t have this gadget yet.

Before you and your travel buddy embark on your next trip, always remember to bring travel insurance with you. This is so that you will be ready for whatever “what ifs” that may arise when traveling. There are travel insurance companies like Seven Corners that have a variety of packages to suit every traveler’s need.

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