You can shop here to get the rings that you need to make all of your bottled drinks easy to carry, but now you need to know which drinks are worth the investment. What are the best ones for hydration when you are hiking or playing sports? If you are just looking for something to sip on during the day, anything will do, but there are some important things to know when it comes to hydration.


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For one thing, stay away from anything that contains either caffeine or alcohol. These are very popular things to have in drinks, but they can actually dehydrate you. This is the opposite of what you want, and it can be very detrimental in a sport-related setting.

You are much better off to go with a sports drink. These drinks will give you more than just water. They can also help you replenish your electrolytes, for example. They can also give you some sugar that can act as instant energy if you need it – while running a marathon, for instance, or even while you are just playing a game of pick-up basketball.

Of course, water is the age-old standby that still works perfectly. If you are not sure what else to do, just get a bottle of water with nothing added. It may not give you some of the additional things that you can enjoy with a sports drink, but you know that you are still going to be perfectly hydrated at all times.

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