I have a surprise gift idea for today.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, men all over the world are frantically searching for the perfect gift to get their sweetheart. Why not give her the one thing she has been waiting on since she decided you were the keeper of her heart? A marriage proposal! “Christmas is one of the most popular days of the year to propose marriage,” says Michele Williamson, co-founder of The Heart Bandits, a Marriage Proposal Planning Company.


A lot of men will propose this Christmas as they do every year. But a lot of men don’t do the prep work necessary to pull off the perfect proposal. Yes he has to choose a ring but most importantly, he needs to have a plan! “The plan is the part most of our Clients have trouble with. They come in and they know they want to propose but they just don’t have a good plan,” says Williamson.

Unfortunately, most men do not know that there is such a thing as a Marriage Proposal Planner and a lot of men need help with coming up with creative ideas and then pulling them off. The first question everyone will ask you when you announce your engagement is, “how did he do it?” There is a lot of pressure on men to give the girl a great story! “Our job is to help men pull of the perfect proposal,” says Marvin Velazquez of The Heart Bandits. “We work with the Client to come up with the perfect proposal idea and then we set out to find whatever vendors they need to pull it off.” The Heart Bandits can provide actors, stunt men, dancers, or anything else needed to pull off the proposal of her dreams!

The best Christmas gift won’t fit under a tree. It cannot be wrapped and it won’t fit in a stocking. The best Christmas gift you can give someone is your forever. Let The Heart Bandits plan a marriage proposal of a lifetime for your sweetheart!