When shopping for groomsmen gifts, cigar-related items are a classy option for those who like to light up on a regular basis or for special occasions. The options for selecting just the right item are endless when it comes to pleasing discerning tastes. Selecting single items or compiling a gift pack will leave a lasting memory for those who have served the groom on this very special day. Online retailers have wide selections of gifts and often offer free personalization. They can also be an excellent resource when it comes to gift selections for the groom himself.


At the higher end, humidors will always be appreciated. Many cigar smokers may already own larger models, which make travel sizes a unique option. Smaller slenderized cases in leather and stainless steel offer full protection for more expensive smokes. Upscale units are wood while more casual molded plastic styles will suit those who prefer smoking in the great outdoors. Of course, desktop humidors will also leave a lasting impression and can be useful display pieces at home or in the office.

On the road, cigar smokers will never have to go thirsty toting discreet dual-sided flasks. With room for a cigar or two, all it takes is an easy pour to enjoy a shot or a mixed beverage. Case and flask sets are also handy for guys who travel or want to carry their own selections when visiting cigar clubs. Present these at the bachelor party and leave plenty of time for toasts before tying the knot.

Butane lighters are always in demand for their practicalities and as collectibles. With themed and personalized choices, they make excellent groomsmen gifts. Add a name, a date or a message and they will be great reminders of special friendships long after the bachelor party, wedding and reception are over.

Higher quality metal cigar cutters are an accessory that every smoker needs. In classic and engravable styles, these are the ultimate in a memorable presentation. Even better, aficionados will enjoy displaying and using a high-end cutter at any gathering. Multi-accessory sets might include cutters, travel cigar tubes and a flask.

The men who stand up for a groom at his wedding certainly deserve the very best. With a little effort, it becomes a simple task of finding just the right gift for every budget.