Whether he’s your father, your significant other, your brother or your best friend, it’s always a nice gesture to honor the great dads in our lives. Dads can be notoriously hard to shop for, though, which is why so many of them end up with ties, socks, and gift cards. If you’re looking for a great no-fail gift to show the dad in your life how special he is, consider one of these options.

Not Sure What To Get The Man In Your Life- 5 Never Fail Gifts

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1. Rubik’s Cube Pencil Holder

Help your favorite father organize his desk with a pencil holder made out of a Rubik’s Cube. After all the hours he’s spent trying to solve these in the past, he will find it satisfying to just sit it on the desk and not mess with it.

2. Tools

Got a DIY-heavy man in your life? You can’t go wrong getting him tools. If he has all the power tools he needs, consider restocking his boring bits or other small tools he might use in his upcoming projects. Brad Point boring bits make for a great gift that say, "You’re great at fixing things. Thank you!"

3. Grillbot

Leave this handy little robot alone with your grill for a half hour, and it’ll clean the machine all on its own. Most dad love to show off their grilling abilities, but nobody loves to clean up after it. Now you can host those backyard barbecues without all the messy clean-up.

4. Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

This cool bottle opener is in the shape of a baseball bat, thus paying tribute to both his love for baseball and his appreciation for beer. It’s a great gift to show him you’re paying attention to the hobbies in his life.

5. Zippo Wallet

Break the cycle of classic leather wallets your favorite dad has been getting for years, and present him instead with this trendy stainless steel wallet. It holds everything he needs it to with a sturdy and futuristic-looking exterior.

These are just five gift ideas to help you show your appreciate for the man in your life. Whether you use these or are inspired by them to come up with a unique gift, take time out this Father’s Day to tell them how proud you are of them. Being a father isn’t an easy job, and a gift or a card is a great way to thank those who are doing it well.

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