Do you like playing golf? Are you a professional in this game? Do you understand this game, anyway? I’m glad for you if you answer these questions positively because frankly speaking I do not play this game and I’ve been unaware of the game rules. Up to this moment I had no intention of starting playing golf and was absolutely non-confident about the necessary golf accessories. This hasn’t been my cup of tea for ages. But some things have really thrilled me and just now I’m going to practice playing golf with a professional instructor who has agreed to give me some lessons.

Anyway, playing golf requires not just enough money but a firmness of purpose, a strength of mind and the desire to meet challenges. Playing golf is one thing but another is to play professionally – there is a big difference between these notions. For me playing golf professionally is not the main aim. I just want to relax and do sports at the same time. From this point of view golf is the right choice and I can’t wait to start practicing it.

Once I stumbled upon one web-site that sells golf gifts and golf jewelry. This was a kind of shock for me as this industry is really very popular among golf-lovers all over the world. Golf gifts usually include golden and silver clubs, customized clubs, tie-tacks, pins, earrings, bracelets, chains and rings in the form of a club or a ball for golf. Though being absolutely unnecessary for the game itself, such jewelry and small copies of golf accessories are very cute presents for everyone who can not imagine his or her life without golf.

Golf gifts industry has practically no limits: there are money-clips, pendants, tuxedo studs, cuff-links and other tiny things are excellent reminders of a really fantastic and exciting kind of sport.