If you are searching for the perfect gift for a seven-year-old child you may find yourself struggling to know what is the right thing to get.


10 Ideas of What to Give Seven-Year-Olds

1. Gardening Gifts

Children at this age love to get their hands dirty, so buying a gift that allows them to get stuck in the mud is often a great idea and can also held educate on science or the food chain. Consider a starter kit for growing simple herbs and vegetables, together with a set of appropriately sized garden tools.

2. Gross Gifts

Seven-year-olds love stuff that is a bit yucky – especially the boys! There are a wide range of children’s gifts designed to appeal to this sense of mischief. Consider toys with alien goo, fake sick or dog poo if you really want to see a smile.

3. Crafty Gifts

Youngsters love to create, so crafty gifts always go down well. Buy a selection of paints, coloured and shiny papers, glitters, glues, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies and you are giving the child an opportunity to really exercise their imagination.

4. Personalised Gifts

A great way to make a child feel special is by giving a personalised gift. At seven, receiving something that features your name or picture is a really special experience. Use sites like Cafepress to create your own personalised clothing, mugs and much more. Visit a site such as www.couponcactus.com in advance of ordering to see if you can secure a discount on your personalised gift.

5. Keepsake Gifts

At seven, children are ready for the idea of keeping something special. Choosing a keepsake, such as a jewellery box or piece of memorabilia is a great idea. Explain the importance of the item and allow the child to feel responsible for its safe keeping.

6. Active Gifts

Getting active is important at this age, so choosing a gift that promotes physical activity is a good idea. Think sporting equipment or outdoor toys.

7. Edible Gifts

Have you ever met a seven-year-old who would say no to a sweet treat? Exactly. If you are stuck for a gift idea, you can’t go wrong with a tasty edible gift. Check with parents before giving food.

8. Pop Culture Gifts

If you know a child well, you may be aware of which TV programme or character is their favourite. Buying a toy or accessory featuring a favourite is a good idea – but never buy pop culture gifts too far in advance as kids are fickle and tastes change often.

9. Noisy Gifts

Little ones love making a noise, so noisy gifts can be great fun (for the kids at least, if not the parents!) musical instruments such as percussion pieces, kazoos or harmonicas can be a favourite gift – but don’t be surprised if the parents give you the cold shoulder after that drum kit is delivered!

10. Experience Gifts

Kids these days have so much stuff – but many crave a little one on one attention with a favourite adult. If you can’t think of what gift to buy then consider planning a special day out for the child in question (with the permission of the parents) think of a zoo tour, adventure playground, fishing trip or theme park trip.