It’s that time again—time to plan yet another unforgettable birthday for your child. After a while, every party starts to seem the same. There are balloons, cake, and presents, and then everyone goes home. Liven up your party with one or more of these five fantastic birthday ideas for kids’ parties, and your kids will think you’re just about as cool as their favorite superhero!

Five Fantastic Birthday Ideas for Kids

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Costume Party

Speaking of superheroes, why not have the kids dress up as superheroes for the party? Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween anymore! Regardless of the theme, kids love to dress up, and they like it even more when their friends get involved. Just don’t forget to dress up your home as well by hanging banners or streamers.

Crafting Party

Kids love artwork. Dismantle a bunch of old cardboard boxes, make up some chalk paint with water, corn starch, and food coloring, and let the kids make a mess. Just make sure to warn parents on the invitation to bring clothes they don’t mind getting dirty.

Character Party

Whether you decide to have a costume party or not, you can still have a character-themed party. If your child likes a certain character more than any other, make the party in that theme. If it’s in your budget, hire someone to dress up as the character and visit the kids. If you’re feeling adventurous, dress up yourself and let the kid within take over. Make the food fit the theme of the party. You can even find some plates and decorations with the character on them.

Craziness Party

This party is one of the most fun for children; but it takes a parent with an enormous amount of patience to throw this type of party. This type of party basically consists of breaking many of the rules that children have to follow on a regular basis. For example, children are allowed to run around, have the music turned up too loudly, sit too closely to the television if you’re having a movie night party, and even have a food fight (preferably outdoors or using easy-to-clean foods).

Combination Party

The last type of party isn’t a type on its own as much as it is a reminder that you can combine any or all of these types of parties. If a child loves dinosaurs and the color pink, you could have a pink dinosaur party complete with dinosaur bone candies, a dinosaur mascot, marshmallow food fight, and caveman costumes.

Article by Rose McKellen