In many ways, animal lovers are some of the easiest people to shop for because most make their love well known. However, you should still put thought into the gift so that it brings as much delight as possible. For example, if your friend has a Persian cat, most items for Persian cats or representing that breed are fine, but if you really want to make it special, customize the gift to that particular cat.

Four Fun Gifts For the Lover of Furry Friends

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Customized Items

Buy your pet lover customized T-shirts, post cards, mugs, mouse pads or other fun items. If you have a picture of the person’s pet, use that for the customizing. Otherwise, use an image of the favorite breed or type of pet for the items and have the pet’s name inscribed as well. There are many places around the internet where you can buy customized items. You may also have printing companies nearby that do this.

Medical and Grooming Care

Help your friend by paying for her pets grooming or teeth-cleaning appointment. Alternatively, if you know of other veterinary needs the pet has, offer to help with those. It may be best not to keep this as a surprise, in case your friend’s schedule will not allow time off when you have scheduled the appointment, but it is still a welcome gift to most pet lovers. Contact someone reliable such as a Columbus Vet or other pet places nearby for services and pricing.

Pet Care Basket 

Creating a pet basket is easy and these make fantastic gifts for pet-loving friends. Purchase a decorative basket from a craft store. Fill the basket with pet treats and pet toys. You can also add some small pet-related items for your human friend, such as pet key chains, pet jewelry and candies. In case the pet gets to the candy, avoid adding chocolate or sugar-free items that may contain poisonous substances such as xylitol.

Pet Portrait

Hire an artist who paints pet portraits. If you have a picture of your friend’s pet or pets, most artists can work from the picture and you can keep it a surprise – there is no need to have the animal pose for it. If you do not have a picture, either you can ask for one without telling your friend why you want it, or you can let her in on what you are giving her. Pet portraits are unique and thoughtful gifts for those whose pets are part of the family.

Whichever gift you choose for your pet-loving friend, it will be most special if it is given from the heart. Plan well in advance to allow time for customization and shipping, when applicable.

Article by Annette Hazard