Do you know a serious reader? Someone who loves to read? Then the COOL-ER eBook Reader is the perfect gift.

COOL-ER eBook Reader

Capable of storing between 500-800 novels, the 1GB COOL-ER (expandable via SD) uses E-ink technology to replicate the experience of reading a book. It has to be seen to be disbelieved; the glare-free 6” display looks just like paper. You’ll be tempted to lick your finger to turn the pages. It’s also unaffected by direct sunlight, so you can carry on reading wherever you may roam.

Simply download your books from any of the countless online sources floating around in cyberspace and drag them on to this USB friendly slice of genius. It’s easier than…erm, picking up a book. Better still, all COOL-ER owners receive a 25% lifetime discount at, home to over 750,000 titles, 500,000 of which are completely free.

The COOL-ER’s internal battery charges in around three hours and lasts for 8000 page turns.

Also it plays MP3s.

COOL-ER eBook Reader is expensive thou: it cost £189.95 and you can find it at