As of 2017, there were over 137 million households in the U.S., according to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This is a bigger number than the 126 million households in 2016. Owning a home or at least renting one has long been a goal that many people share, so these numbers aren’t surprising. But when you are able to afford a new home or residence, it’s time to celebrate it by throwing a housewarming party! If you’re invited to one, don’t forget to bring an appropriate housewarming gift for the celebrants.

Gifts For Homeowners

The whole concept of a housewarming is a varied tradition in different parts of the world. Housewarming there are many gift options for people who purchase a new home, as there is typically more space and you won’t have to worry about your gift as something they have to use right away. You can go with an engraved cutting board that can be a lovely addition to a kitchen. You can also choose to gift a cookbook written by the new homeowner’s favorite chef. If you would like to lend a hand in helping the new homeowners mark their space, you can gift them with a personalized family sign for display.

Gifts For Renters

Renting has become the norm now, since the cost of rent is falling in cities like Chicago, Seattle and Baltimore. For renters, the options need to be thoughtful since they may only be staying there for a few years and may not have a lot of space available. In such cases, consumable gifts like wine, assorted chocolates, and cheeses are always good ideas. You can also choose to give them collapsible storage for laundry or even collapsible food jars to save on space. You can also give them something helpful, like a first-aid kit, dish towels, or a tool kit.

For the Heart and Home: Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas 1

Gifts For those Moving Away

You can still give housewarming gifts to those that haven’t reached their new “homes” yet, like dormers off to college or those getting a job at a different state. For them, you need to keep your gifts on the practical side, as they will still be moving and may not have the freedom of knowing how much space they will have. A good suggestion would be to get small gifts that are easy to pack like gift cards, shampoo bars, and scented candles. To help them break the ice where they’re going, you can gift them with compact card games like Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly Deal, or UNO.

No matter what sort of housewarming gift you go with, just make sure that it’s given from a place of sincerity. Ultimately, homeowners, renters, and those moving away will prefer your company to celebrate their new space with. Also, there’s no need to break your bank when choosing a gift; instead, try to see if you can find something within your price range. This way, you can truly warm their homes and their hearts without any worries.

By Lucy