I remember the days when I used to smoke. These days I liked to receive gifts for smokers like:

  • quality cigars brands
  • beautifully lighters
  • cigar boxes
  • unusual ashtrays
  • cigar cutters 

So the idea is simple get cigar related presents for smokers.

Below you have 3 of my favorite items:

#1.Tatuaje Fleur de Lis 4 Cigar Ashtray

Gift ideas for smokers 7

This is stylish ashtray.

Smoking for most people is a ritual. They retreat in the comfort of their “cave” and enjoy a goo cigar in quiet.

#2.  Don Lino Africa Duma Bundle

Gift ideas for smokers 8

Quality cigars were always my favorites. A pack of these was very appreciated.

Don Lino Africa Duma cigars are handcrafted with a full-bodied blend of African, Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos and spicy 1999-vintage Nicaraguan Habano wrappers.

#3. Csonka Super Smoker Cloaker

Gift ideas for smokers 9

Although a lot of people love to smoke they don’t like the smell that will remain in the room. Or the smokers lives with non smokers.

So the best idea is to  have a smoke eliminator.  The Csonka Super Smoker Cloaker is highly effective for elimination of smoke, pet, kitchen odors and much more up to 1,000 sq. ft.