Some of us that are not in love (I mean REALLY in love) with iPad and iPhone will never understand why those people are waiting for 50 hours in front of the Apple store at the first day of the next generation iPhone release.

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If you put yourself in their place you will know that the best gift you can give to someone who adore his/her iPad is some product that will add up to the value of their gadget. But what can that be? The most often accessories for iPad are stands, bags, Apps (of course Apps, without apps iPad is just a piece of hardware), designer cases, more stands and more bags…and so on.

Making a good decision

As we can see, there is a plethora of gifts for iPad to choose from. But one that stands out with its simplicity and usefulness is almost invisible-iPad screen protector. What? It doesn’t sound fancy like iPad stand? Well, this piece of hardware (let’s call it hardware) was not made to be fancy; it was produced to protect your buddies favorite gadget. So, why is iPad screen protector such a good gift (or investment if you decide to treat yourself)?

First of all, the screen protector is almost a must for anyone who is spending a lot of time using the iPad. How many times have you tried to finish something on your iPad in a day light but you had a problem with the contrast of your screen? Well, screen protector for iPad can solve this problem. You won’t need to make a shade with your hand or to search for dark corners just to finish something on your precious iPad. You can search for this type of screen protectors under “anti-glare”.

Another thing, which is probably the top reason why you should start thinking about offering an iPad screen protector, is the protection. Yes, simple as that. This product is made to protect and to extend the life of iPad. Ok, like this you will lack the excuses for buying the second generation of iPad because your model will still have the look and feel of the new product. Once your screen protector is damaged you can easily change it with another one and there you go- your touch screen will once again be new. But let’s not forget that it is going to take a lot of scratching to damage the iPad screen protector.

Which one to choose?

When making a decision on buying iPad screen protector for a gift, you should think about the price of the iPad in the first place. This means that high quality product deserves a high quality gift. Do not search for the cheapest ones because screen protectors are some of the cheapest accessories for iPad. Having this in mind aim for the quality and your friend will be happy with the gift.

As we already said there is “anti-glare” type of iPad screen protector and this one comes as a matte solution. Other protectors are shiny, meaning that the look of the iPad monitor will stay the same but there will still be a problem with the light being reflected straight to your eyes if you’re outside.

Overall, no matter which iPad screen protector you choose you will make a good decision. But do remember that you will have to stick with 2 basic rules when you decide to buy iPad screen protector as a gift: Screen protection should perfectly fit the iPad and it should be wrapped up with a fancy ribbon. Why fancy ribbon? Because the product itself is not fancy and like this your gift will look like the best gift in the world in the eyes of a gadget lover.

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Jason Phillips is a gadget freak with an experience of over 2 years in the field of IT and programming. He always keeps his ipad safe by keeping it in iPad 3 screen protector and he advises others to do the same.