Graduating college is a significant milestone, and one that demands gifts. If you’re seeking thoughtful yet affordable gift ideas for college graduates, these suggestions can help you make the right choice.

Gift Ideas You Can Get That College Graduate

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1. University Frames

There’s no gift more thoughtful than something that will make it easy for the graduate to display his or her diploma. University frames can usually be purchased from the college or university bookstore from where the person graduated. Having the ability to frame your diploma and place it on the wall makes the experience of graduating even more special.

2. A Gadget Wristwatch

If the graduate is a bit on the geeky side, a good choice would be a gadget wristwatch. While many people rely on their phones to tell them the time, watches never go out of style. There are now watches with all kinds of functions and special themes. There are, for example, equation watches, that display mathematical equations rather than simple numbers to indicate the hour.

3. Gym/Fitness Club Membership

A thoughtful gift that will help keep the college graduate fit and healthy is a gym membership. College students can use the school gym, but once they graduate they are on their own. This is a gift almost everyone will appreciate.

4. Gift Certificate

If you’re not sure what the college graduate in your life really needs or wants, a good option is a gift certificate. You have a few good choices here. A gift card to a store like Target is always useful, as the recipient can get just about anything there, from clothing to housewares to electronics. An online gift card to is also sure to please. Remember, Amazon doesn’t only sell books, they also sell music and just about everything else.

5. Coffee or Espresso Maker

Almost everyone loves coffee, so a good quality coffee or espresso maker makes a great gift to someone about to move into a new apartment. This is a housewarming gift that makes it possible to make a great cup of coffee anytime, whether for oneself or company.

6. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a thoughtful gift, especially if you have some idea of the person’s sense of style. You can find interesting jewelry online or in a traditional jewelry store. To make it more relevant to the occasion, you can choose a ring or necklace that is made with the colors of the college from where the recipient has graduated.

There are all kinds of gifts that a college graduate will enjoy receiving. You can use the above list for guidance, but you should also consider the personality and preferences of the graduate before choosing your gift!