Finding a gift for a bow hunter is a bit different than finding one for your regular rifle hunter since the two hunting styles have such different needs: bow hunters need to approach their quarry much closer than rifle hunters do since their weapon has a much shorter effective range. This need affects a whole lot of equipment choices, so for those looking to give a gift to a bow hunter, we’ve listed a few things that they would particularly love:


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Targets are a good choice if you’re not too sure what the recipient needs since targets are always wearing out. They start at around $40 and go up into the hundreds, so there’s one for just about every budget.

Hunting Gloves

A good pair of hunting gloves is even more important for a bow hunter than it is for a rifle hunter, given how important proper form and execution are for shooting a bow. A good pair will combine comfortable insulation, good grip, and good fit, in addition to being light enough not to get in the way of drawing and shooting a bow.


Unlike rifle hunters, whose effective range is quite long and therefore need better scope sights before they need camo gear, bow hunters need to approach close enough that camouflage wear can mean the difference between feasting on venison loin for dinner and sobbing over a can of beans by the campfire. Some makers even go so far as making sure the fabric is quieter and doesn’t rustle, and this would definitely be good to have, as would a bit of rain-proofing.

Scent control

Another need that’s very much a consequence of a bow’s range, this can take on a whole variety of forms, ranging from scent soap to high-tech scent-eliminating clothing to ozone-making devices to neutralize scent. With these modern solutions, the modern bow hunter no longer has to develop a constant sense of wind direction and skilfully plan an approach in order to bag himself a buck.


Now this is the obvious choice if you’ve got the money, and you can go ahead and get an inexpensive one if the recipient is a beginner. But if it’s a more experienced bow hunter you need a gift for, unless you know a lot about bows and what the recipient wants, a gift check might be better. Alternatively, you could take them shopping so you make sure the bow and the money are a match.

Arrow Case and Arrows

An arrow case is something that some bow hunters won’t buy because they don’t think it’s necessary . . . until the first time rain ruins their hunt by getting their arrows wet. A good case needs to be light enough to carry on long hikes but sturdy enough to take a few knocks and scratches. You can fill the case with arrows if you have the extra cash.

Alternatively, you can just give arrows since, like targets, arrows eventually deteriorate to the point of being unusable, and archers will always need more.

Brandon Peters is a writer, entrepreneur, and outdoors enthusiast. He enjoys duck hunting.