Gift baskets gifts from MissGift

I was asked to review the MissGift Gift Baskets web shop.

MissGift is an online shop specialized in selling gift baskets for every ocasions.

On their site you will find the following baskets:
Baby Gift Baskets
Birthday Gift Baskets
Candy Gift Baskets
Care Packages
Corporate Gift Baskets
Fruit Baskets
Get Well Gift Baskets
Gifts For Her
Gifts For Him
Gourmet Gift Baskets
Holiday Gift Baskets
Snack Gift Baskets
Sports Gift Baskets
Pet Gift Baskets

The gift baskets can be sorteg by price range: from cheaper gift baskets (under $20) to the more expensive ones ($100+ ).

 The most popular gift baskets are Coke Snack Works and Heart Healthy Lowfat Gourmet, which I will present above.

Coke Snack Works Gift Basket

The Coke Works gift basket features the real thing, Coca-Cola…and everything it takes to turn a Coke into a celebration.
Sweet and savory snacks of all descriptions abound in this large natural willow basket. Make any event a celebration with the Coke Works gift basket.
The price for this gift basket starts from $48.99.

Heart Healthy Lowfat Gourmet Gift Basket

This wicker stained basket brings gifts of good health to your friends and family. Everything the doctor ordered is right here along with your best wishes for their good health.
The price for this gift basket starts from $58.99.


MissGift Gift Baskets
offers cool gift baskets for every occasion. The site is easy to navigate, the products are easy to find. You will find for each gift basket a short description.


The preceding post has been a paid review.I hope if you read the post it’s clear that I actually looked at the site with some eye for detail and criticism, and didn’t just give my approval.
This kind of review benefits everyone, the owner gets some honest straight up feedback and you get to look at some new products, without having to search for them yourself.