Whether it’s for Christmas, birthdays, weddings or Valentine’s Day, Americans love giving gifts.  According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, approximately 80% of Americans of all ages feels joyful and generous about giving and receiving gifts. When it comes to celebrating personal milestones, starting at your first job is definitely one of the most exciting. When it is your special guy that has landed his first job, the occasion calls for extra celebration and a gift that will make his day as memorable as possible. Finding the perfect gift is not always easy though, regardless of how well you know someone. Here are 3 gift ideas that are bound to put a huge smile on the face of the man in your life.

Great Gift Ideas for When Your Guy Lands His First Job 3

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Programmable coffee maker & travel mug

When someone starts working for the first time, they may find it difficult to get into the routine of getting up early in the morning, ready to face a challenging day. We all know nothing gives a boost quite like a cup of coffee does which makes a coffee maker and travel mug a superb gift for a first-time employee. Although there are countless types of coffee makers on the market, one that is programmable is definitely the way to go as most of us can’t see straight never mind brew a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. With a programmable maker, you simply set the time you wake up every day and your freshly brewed cup of java will be waiting for you when you wake. Throw a nifty travel mug into the equation and it becomes possible to enjoy a second cup of coffee while commuting to work.

Work-related apparel & accessories

Depending on the industry your friend is entering, workwear could prove to be a welcome gift. Everyone needs comfortable footwear for work regardless of whether your profession is a foreman, doctor or waiter. If you know your friend’s size, a pair of shoes is a very practical present. Other items that will come in very handy at work include things like watches, laptop bags, briefcases, and belts. If you want to make the gift extra-special, have your guy’s name engraved/embroidered or printed on the gift, together with the date of his first day at work.

Personalized gift basket

Nothing says ‘congratulations on your new job’ quite like a gift basket filled with some of your guy’s favorite things. Chocolate, nuts and hard candy are always popular but it’s also nice to include a few non-consumables that can be treasured as mementos. Personalized mugs, bracelets, cufflinks, ties, books and notebooks all look great in a gift basket and are bound to put a huge smile on your friend’s face. You can present him with the basket the day before he starts his new job or, if he isn’t the shy type, have it delivered to his work to show him just how much he means to you.

Starting a new job is always somewhat daunting, regardless of how prepared you think you are. Giving someone a gift in celebration of landing a new job is a gesture that will be remembered long after the customary first-day jitters have passed. Remember it isn’t the amount of money you spend on a gift that is important but rather the thought behind it. If you can’t afford any gift at all even breakfast in bed or a loving note will let your guy know how much you love him.

By Lucy Wyndham