Valentine’s Day has come and gone but men don’t need to wait until next year to buy a romantic gift for their significant other. While lovers splurged a whopping £713 million in 2017 to buy gifts for each other, romantic gifts need not be expensive, according to Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist who found that British men are the least romantic lovers in the world. According to Wiseman, “it’s the thought that counts.” To prove the professor wrong, you can take a look at these thoughtful gift ideas that can bring back the romance in your relationship.

The Gift of Intimacy

Thoughtful Gift Ideas that Can Bring Back the Romance in Your Relationship 3

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Buying a gift every month can be exhausting but there are subscriptions that offer such services and eliminate both the costly price tag and the effort required to shop for the perfect gift. These contain a range of naughty and romantic items geared towards improving intimacy in a marriage or a long-term relationship. Aside from this, getting a box every month can add a bit of excitement into the relationship as well. According to Kate Figes, the author of “Couples: How We Make Love Last,” intimacy can change at different stages in the relationship but couples need to accept these changes to enjoy a new kind of closeness. If you feel that you haven’t spent some quality time with your partner for a long time, improving intimacy is a good idea.

Lots of Alcohol

A University of Michigan study led by Dr. Kira Birditt found that couples who drink alcohol together are happier than those who don’t. While it is not advisable to drink too much, Birditt notes that drinking alcohol is a pleasurable activity and when it is done together, it is counted as leisure time. The participants in the research are couples who have been married for 33 years on average, according to Birditt and in more than half of the 2, 767 married couples involved in the long-term survey, both spouses drank alcohol. The researcher admits that there are possibly other factors that contribute to a long and happy marriage but the data still points towards the positive effects of drinking alcohol together.

The Gift of Housework 

Sometimes, shopping for a gift is not needed at all. All men have to do is help their significant other do the chores. While dividing household chores is a good idea, research by Brigham Young University notes that doing the housework together can improve the relationship. The Brigham Young study found that when wives are satisfied with the division of housework, both husband and wife report better marital quality. Other gift ideas include a relaxing weekend getaway, a trip abroad, or a bouquet of flowers, even if there is no occasion. There are other thoughtful gift ideas out there though – all it takes is a little imagination.

By Lucy Wyndham