The season of bestowing presents among friends, siblings, co-workers and fellows is on the edge and making you feel excited about arranging best-ever gifts for them. Stores and markets allow you to pick different type of presents from huge range of wearable, electronics, gadgets, artistic items and other amusing products, but the pleasure of creating something special and personalized contain extra happiness for yourself as well as for the receiving person. Girls and women mostly have common interests and fascinations about the gifts they want on different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or religious events such as Christmas. You can make simple to complex kind of handy crafts to make your best buddy feel out of this world to get your marvelous piece of art. Similar ideas are being shared here to ease your tension about what to make for your mother, sister, teacher or best friends.


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Bags & wallets

Handmade bags can be best option as women Christmas gift ideas to make exciting presents for beloved fellows by yourself with stuff available at home. Several types and shapes of handbags and accessory bags can be made with simple steps demonstrated online in tutorials. And decorate them with shimmering items such as ribbons, frills, metallic beads or crystals. You can also make vibrant cute wallets with fabric, synthetic stuff or leather pieces.

Aromatic candles

Candles are symbol of sensuality that refers to femininity of women. Colorful diverse shaped candles along with mesmerizing fragrant are most admired kind of gifts shared on events that can be used with different perspectives. Ladies can use them to create coziness in their living area by displaying candles upon fireplace along with decorative items of Christmas eve, turn their bedroom into sensational milieu of romanticism, enhance the luxurious bath room settings with dangling dim lights of candle that fill the atmosphere with appealing aroma. Utilizing simple wax available at stores, few wax colors, aromatic oils and a step-by-step guide that you would find at corner store will help you make your desired kind of aromatic candles.

Customize t-shirts

Young women love to carry trendy and sassy t-shirts that perfectly fit their figure in addition with comfortable wear. Why not turn some plain and casual t-shirts into classy and vivacious grabs as Christmas gift for all your cool friends. And make them pose sensually for saving memories on cheap canvas print of the big event to cherish forever. Plan to transform each shirt for the specific girl according to his character and style. Painting t-shirts with fabric paints, screen printing, glitters and stickers can make a huge impact and will turn into exotic gift item for spirited girls.

Porcelain stuff

Another matchless handmade item that can be used as Christmas gift is porcelain art. If you find yourself skilled enough to make out some stylish china, ornaments, accessories and functional products than these are best to gift to your dear female relations. Put some effort of making porcelain dough and try out various ideas and handmade stuff such as small pottery, porcelain flower arrangements, faux jewelry, porcelain Christmas ornaments, pendants and stamps, tiny structures and models etc. all these items can be a wonderful and artistic Christmas present to amuse girls of any age.


You can create or transform some stylish designs of wearable stuff such as casual dresses, sweats, mittens and caps etc. by using techniques of knitting, crochet and patchwork to make chic items out of simple products. Wool crochet caps for winter, sweaters and uppers created with skillful designs and trendy patch stitched on gloves are few of innovative ideas to make handmade gifts.


After porcelain jewelry, you can also make jewelry Christmas gifts by beads of plastic, crustal and glass with help of metal chains and thick thread strings. Pearl necklace, beaded bangles and finger rings, bracelet watches with chic embellishments and droplet earrings can be crafted with stylish ideas.

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