There comes the time (every year, actually) that a manly man in your life, be it your father, brother, son, or husband deserves a gift from you and other people close to him. While it may be true that the monetary value of the gift is a factor in how the giftee will react, I would still adhere to the idea that a well-chosen gift would be even better. So, if you do want to totally knock his socks off, get him something of considerable value, and make sure it suits his tastes!

Manly Gifts for the Manly Man 11

He let it bite his right arm while he punched it silly (Pinterest)

Oh wait, we may not be on the same page on what a manly man is. Here, I’ll show you a video so you would get an idea if that man you’re planning to give a gift to is indeed, a manly man:

If he sorta fits the description, then feel free to read on and discover some totally manly gift items that he will surely appreciate, and by association to the gift, he will surely appreciate you more!

Season Tickets

Manly men like sports, so it’s a total no-brainer to pick up a season ticket or two (if you want to tag along) for his favorite sports team. The price is highly variable, depending on how successful the team is, how many games do they have in a given season or year, and of course, the kind of seats (better seats are pricier, of course).

Manly Gifts for the Manly Man 12

Skipping work and lying to the wife? Manly! (Pinterest)

Tool Bench

What separates man from the animals? Extensive usage of tools, of course. What separates regular men from the manly men? Extensive tool benches, that’s what. Your man will almost cry tears of joy (almost, but not quite, because he’s a manly man) when he sees that you have gotten him over a couple of hundred kilograms of steel, rubber, and hard plastic fashioned into various pointy and blunt objects that will aid him in his attempts to fix stuff in the house.

Manly Gifts for the Manly Man 13

Remember Mr. Akeley? He skinned the leopard and used it as a cushion cover. (Pinterest)

In all honesty, he probably won’t get anything done, but they’re still great conversation pieces when his fellow manly men come over for beer and manly talk!

Biggest Widescreen TV

Speaking of beers and manly talk, the manly man and his posse of manly friends will truly be awed by the sight of an enormous widescreen TV. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s bright, and it can give them the clearest videos of their favorite things to watch (like sports). No further explanation is needed.

Manly Gifts for the Manly Man 14

Pictured: Tears of Anguish from less manly men with smaller TVs (Sharp USA)

Biggest Truck

Manly Gifts for the Manly Man 15

The original Optimus Prime took this form, and he was the manliest Autobot. (NextTruck Online)

Just as a cowboy has his faithful steed, every manly man must have a platform in which he can proudly make the journey from one part of the world to another in a most manly way. While some posers believe that a “sport utility truck” is sufficient in proclaiming their manliness to the world, I believe that a truly manly man cannot settle for any less than full-on 18-wheeler that shows everyone who is truly the king of the road.

Before you dismiss this piece of advice as way too extravagant, do take a look at various truck sales and auction sites; you will find that these magnificently manly vehicles aren’t prohibitively expensive. They’re way more affordable than some pansy BMW or Porsche SUV, that’s for sure!

Be sure to make the manly men in your life feel wanted and loved; get them a manly gift today!

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Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California. Stacey has three older brothers, a war veteran of a father, and a lumberjack/hunter boyfriend; she knows a thing or two about manly men. Her group blog, however, is full of coffee, cats, and womanly concerns: Word Baristas.