Have you been invited to a christening celebration and don’t know which present to buy? Even if you are not from the close family, giving a present is traditionally welcome in this kind of celebrations.

Christening Gifts

What christening gifts should I buy? This is one of the most common questions, so here are some ideas so you don’t arrive empty-handed

  • Children’s jewellery: The perfect Christening gift would be jewellery, necklace, bangles or bracelets are lifetime gifts. From traditional Sterling Silver baby bangles, to pearl necklaces and bracelets would be the perfect gift.
  • Toys: A toy is always well received by a child, so it’s a good idea. In addition there are a variety of educational toys so the baby can play and also learn. Just choose the right one according to their age; you can see it on the labels of the toys, where it is normally written the recommended age.
  • Clothing: As babies grow fast, clothes are always welcome. Be careful choosing the right size. If baby sizes come in months, if for example the baby is six months, it is always preferable to opt for the 12 months clothing, just in case.
  • Accessories: baby buckes, car seats, prams and pushchairs, these are gifts that will be very appreciated by parents, as it is helpful for the care of the baby.
  • Children’s Photo Albums .Good memories should be kept in albums, therefore buying a photo album is also an excellent choice.

There is no excuse now for not buying the perfect christening gift.