Kids love gifts, and they never get tired of amassing them like a collection. Every day for them is simply another chance for someone to surprise them with a new gift. It is extremely rare for a kid to get attached to a gift thanks to their short attention span which studies have shown last for about 10-15 minutes. It takes a very special gift for them to forever remember it and the one that bought it for them. However, when it comes tobuying gifts for kids, many people usually go for durability with the misconception that a gift that lasts longer leaves an impression on the kid. What they fail to recognize is that kids never forget things that leave a huge impression on them. Some of the gifts that kids never forget as they grow up include the following.

Gifts That Will Blow Away the Kid’s Mind 3

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That first bicycle

A bicycle is the most common gift for children which sticks with them for the rest of their lives even after they outgrow the gift item.Everybody remembers their first bicycle, the pleasant surprise of waking up to find it wrapped up nicely, the feeling of satisfaction as other kids flock around you with admiration. The first bicycle a kid gets is unique and a timeless gift.There is a wide variety of bikes that one can choose from for a gift depending on the gender and age of the child. For kids younger than three years a tricycle is a better fit because nailing balance at their age is a bit tricky.

A cute adorable puppy

Puppies are forever, once one gets attached the rest becomes history. Getting a puppy is a gift that no kid can ever forget or get tired of. Puppies have the energy to match the kids when it comes to playing, and the act of having to take care of them as they grow together creates bonds and memories that last forever.Puppies can be purchased online, or one can visit a pet store which may have more variety than a shelter. The best dog breeds for kids include the very playful Labrador Retriever, the Poodle, or the Bull Terrier to mention a few.

A visit to an interesting place

Ask any grown up about their fond memories as children and they will most likely mention a visit to a park, a show or a town with their parents complete with detailed descriptions as though it happened yesterday. As much as kids have a short attention span they have excellent memory retention abilities. Visits to special places remain in their memories because of the bond they create with the parents during that time; it becomes a source of nostalgia when they think back.

Being there for them

Being there for the kids is the best thing anyone can do, and always available parent trumps all kinds of gifts in the world. Children always remember how they were treated and who was in their lives. They grow up unconsciously comparing themselves with others, and any slight difference stays with them forever. Being there for them is critical.

By Lucy Wyndham