As your children age, their taste in music and fashion chances. If your son or daughter has a birthday coming up, or you’re thinking of the perfect gift to purchase for your teen or tween for the holidays, here are some suggestions that are sure to be a hit.

Kids Getting Older 5 Unique Gifts to Give Them This Year

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Customized Headphones

Chances are your teen already has an iPod or iPad to play her favorite music on. You can make her listening experience even more pleasant by purchasing her a pair of headphones that are customized and bejeweled. Sound Style headphones come with Swarovski crystals, along with a silver plate that allows you to engrave your teen’s name or a special message. And, of course, the headphones have great sound quality, too.

Digital Picture Frame

Help your teen capture all the great memories of middle and high school with a digital picture frame. For the holidays, put together a slide show of your son with his football team, along with pictures of his middle school graduation and photos of your teen as a baby or past birthday parties. A digital picture frame is thoughtful and reminds your teen of how proud you are of him.

Monogram Jewelry

Jewelry that shows off your teen or preteen’s sense of style is a gift she’ll cherish for years. A necklace or bracelet with a monogram charm in silver or gold is a fitting gift, along with earrings shaped like your teen’s first initial. You can also find monogram jewelry that has been accented with your teen’s birthstone to further customize this memorable gift.

Car Insurance

Of course, a vehicle is the perfect present to buy for your teen, for a birthday or the holidays. However, you can also make the gift of a car a little easier for your child by purchasing car insurance. California insurance rates will help you find a policy that is right for your teen’s vehicle. You can present the car insurance prepaid in the increments of your choice to your teen to ensure they are driving safely.

Handheld Video Console

Finally, appliances like the Game Boy from Nintendo are making somewhat of a comeback, and if your teen or tween is a fan of video games, a present like the Nintendo DSi Handheld Console system is the perfect gift. Your teen can access 850 video games, as well as take pictures and download music, making it a device your son or daughter will keep and utilize for quite some time.

By Rose McKellen