Painted wine bottles make the perfect center piece for any event. They work particularly well in your dining room during the holiday season. As you’ll be doing the painting yourself, you can customize your wine bottle to fit any color scheme or theme you want. They’re surprisingly simple to make, and they’re inexpensive. Plus, if you’re drinking wine anyway, why not reuse the bottles to create something truly beautiful? Here are a few different styles and how to make them:


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Solid Color

This is the easiest type of paint job. First, choose the paint color you prefer – spray paint is highly recommended. Set up a clear, well-ventilated area in a place where you won’t mind if you leave a little paint behind. Shake the can well, then test the spray for even coloring.

Once everything is good to go, rest the bottle on its opening. Spray multiple light coats over the bottle, and let it dry for 24 hours. Note that you can use regular paint instead of spray paint, but it will be more difficult to create an even coat.


Once you’ve successfully painted a wine bottle into a solid color, you may want to try adding a little flash to the proceedings by including stripes. You’ll need to prepare the paint the same way as you did before. However, you’ll be preparing the bottle differently. Use masking tape to create thick stripes on your wine bottle, or use elastic bands to create thin stripes. If you use tape, run a credit card over the tape to ensure that it’s pressed smooth against the bottle, particularly at the edges.

Spray the bottle, let it dry for an hour, then remove the tape and elastic bands.

Two Tone

So far we’ve only worked with one color. Now it’s time to spice things up. Select two colors of paint that you think will go well together. For example, let’s say you want to use red stripes on a green background. First, you’ll paint the entire bottle red. Let the red paint dry, then place elastics or tape over the red you want to leave on the bottle. Once you’ve done this, paint the rest of the bottle green. Let the green paint dry and remove the elastics and tape, and you’ll find yourself with a green bottle with red stripes. Perfect for the holiday season!

Custom Design

If you’re a skilled artist, you can create wonderful, customized designs on each wine bottle. If you don’t want a background color, simply paint your design directly onto the bottle. If you do want a background color, you’ll need to paint the background color on first, then paint your design over top of it using a brush.

Painted wine bottles give you the chance to express your creativity and make your centerpiece look great at the same time. The inexpensive nature of the project means you can create several options, then choose which one you want on a night to night basis. Note that the paint chips rather easily, so you should avoid being rough with your bottles.

This is a guest post by Sumun Rahim, content editor for Personal Wine. To learn more about Personal Wine, check out our site