It’s a weird question that my nephew suddenly popped one Sunday morning. I was visiting my sister’s home that particular day and he was watching Pokemon together with his cousins. Suddenly, one of the kids spouted that he’s getting a shirt with Pikachu on it. Soon, the rest of the kids were all arguing and forcing that their favorite Pokemon and not Pikachu would look good on a shirt.

Of course, I had to break up the kids before they start tearing each other apart.

But once I thought about it, Pikachu does seems to be too mainstream. I don’t know; I’ve seen the electric rodent in the boob tube for far too many times already. Don’t you think it’s time for the rest of these popular creatures to be seen as a tshirt print material? There are over 650 species of Pokemon (whether in the anime or in the game series) and when it first aired in Japan and in the United States, there were only about 150 Pokemon. I think it’s about time that you choose a different species if you’d like to have your very own Pokemon T shirts!

If you’re having problems with your kids choosing which Pokemon should grace their t-shirts, then perhaps you’d like to take a look at the following choices:

1. Ho-Oh – Who doesn’t know Ho-Oh? If you’re a hardcore Generation One fan, then you have to know this legendary Pokemon. If Pikachu and the rest of those cute Pokemon have been featured in several shirts, then I think it’s only fair that this legendary "Guardian of the Skies" should also be immortalized in a shirt. It’s only fair to do so!

2. Meowth – A lot of Pokemon fans would agree with me when I say that Meowth is a worthy Pokemon to be graced in a t-shirt. I’ve seen a lot of people buy shirts that has Meowth all over it. A great design would be Meowth’s shadow with the words "PREPARE FOR TROUBLE". Yeah, that should look really cool!

3. Arcanine – Do you like flaming dogs? If you do, then Arcanine is for you! I’ve always imagined myself riding an Arcanine in my dreams. A red or yellow coloured shirt should work with an Arcanine print, so if you’re a dog and Pokemon lover, then you should consider printing Arcanine on your tshirt.

4. Suicune – Just like Ho-Oh, Suicune is another Legendary Pokemon that’s been ignored by tshirt printers. Suicune was created by Ho-Oh during ancient times, according to the Pokemon website. It’s just like Arcanine, but with water as its element.

5. Magikarp – Sure, it’s the lousiest Pokemon in existence. That is until it evolves into a Gyarados, which happens to be one of the most powerful Pokemon to date. Print it unto a shirt and it gives off a statement that big things always come in small and weak packages!

6. Plusle and Minun – Just like Pikachu, these two electric rodents are very popular. The reason why I included them in the list? Well, it’s because these two just can’t live without each other; that just makes me realize that it’s a perfect print for couple shirts!

So if you want the perfect gift for any occassion, such as Christmas, Valentines or any special event, give them a custom made Pokemon shirt. It’s fun, it’s cool and it will always be trendy.

Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. When she’s not busy with work, she’s usually just chilling in her home, drinking a good cup of joe.