Finding gifts for sports and fitness lovers can be overwhelming and it’s easy to fall into the generic approach, in fear you’ll get the wrong thing. The great thing about fitness gifts is that they are meant to be used. Whether they’re a gym junkie, marathon runner or even a total newbie, here’s a list of gift ideas they are sure to love.

Nutri Bullet

Making life in the kitchen easier is always a great gift, so it’s fitting that this high-tech, health gadget makes for the perfect gift. NurtiBullet is known for its line of compact blenders that make morning smoothies and juices an easy, healthy choice, particularly pre-workout. With the app-controlled NutriBullet Balance, you can now see exactly how many calories are in your smoothie as you build it, a feature I’m sure your sports and fitness lover will love.

The Perfect Gift Ideas for Sports and Fitness Lovers in Your Life 1

Resistant Bands

Small but mighty, resistant bans are key to a killer workout and make a great gift. The bands range in price depending on what brand however they start at around £7 making for a great stocking filler.

Gym Wear

Gym wear is the latest trend in the world of fashion, so you certainly can’t go wrong when gifting it to your fitness fanatic friend. No matter what kind of sport or fitness they partake in, they will always need gym wear to do it in. A muscle fit hoodie is a great idea for a gift as it can be worn to and from the gym, whilst working out, and also as casual wear. Be sure to get a gift receipt in case of the wrong size. 

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes make for an epic cardio workout that that also strengthens and tones the shoulders, abs, arms and legs. They can take this workout gear anywhere as long as they have an anchor strap and sturdy place to set up (even a tree will work). This is a great gift for the summer time as they will be able to do outdoor workouts in the sun and they are inexpensive.

Yoga Mat

Everyone knows how sweaty yoga can get. Gift your yoga-loving pal a mat that is designed to soak up sweat and wick away moisture for better grip. Such design is also designed with odour-fighting components to keep the mat fresh, so it’ll stay with you as you progress. The great thing about a yoga mat is that it isn’t limited to just yoga. It can be used to do home workouts and weightlifting making it the perfect all-round gift.

Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the best fitness trackers on the market which is swim proof and water resistant up to 50m. The charge 3, which comes with a large OLED screen, automatically recognises exercise and even tracks sleep. An accompanying app with allow them to brag to you for the rest of the year about just how well they’re fitness lifestyle is going.

Heart Rare Monitor Strap

For someone that is already running and exercising regularly, a heart-rate monitor strap will let them get the most out of their training. It can provide real-time data and ground contact time, so they know exactly what they need to improve on and what they have the most success in, in order to push harder.

By Poppy Jones