The perfect gift for him

The perfect gift for him[/caption] Have you ever been in that situation where you don’t know what to give as a gift to… your boyfriend? Honestly, I have lots of female friends and one of the things I’ve learned from most of them is that they never know what to give to their boyfriends. I pretty much discovered this talent by accident, and this is why I’ve created this simple but useful gift ideas for boyfriend guide. If you are in this situation right now, trust me, this is your lucky day!

What would be the best color? I’d love to see him with this tie! I’m sure he’ll love these shoes, the wallet, and the watch.

These are some of the comments I’ve heard from my most adventurous friends when they select a gift for their loved one, however, 90% of the time I’ve made a different suggestion, 100% of those occasions I was right. How do I know? – I’ve heard back from my friends telling me that they accidentally were at the mall and they asked their Romeo his thoughts about the first idea they had for a gift. All have thanked me for giving them such a great suggestion and avoiding a disaster. And I think it’s fair to name it a disaster. If you consider the shoes for instance, if a guy doesn’t like those, he’ll not wear them, and I know girls are pretty sensitive to this because, first, I have my own girlfriend, and second, I have lots of female friends (this is a rare combination as well). And the fact is that I’ve seen that these little details can end-up in awkward fights that honestly are not necessary.

The keyword with most men is: Simplicity

Pebble Smart Watch

During my years as a coach for my female students, I’ve learned that simplicity is a men’s thing. Most guys think, speak, and act simplicity. Their whole life is about that, the simpler things are, the better. This doesn’t mean laziness or unwillingness to do something complicated, this means that the male brain is wired to make complicated things, awesomely simpler. Most men love simplicity, and that is the way they live their lives. However, this is a little bit hard to understand for women, because (and I hate to say it ladies, but you have to know the truth!) women’s brain is wired in a very complex way. This is the reason why most of you can do several things at the time, involve feelings with everything, and create little dramas that add those spicy (but enjoyable as well) touches to our manly life. I’m sure you see the issue here. And this is why at the moment of selecting a gift for your loved one, you’ll struggle, most of the times will not make the best decision, and will keep struggling over and over again. For you, I’m writing this gift ideas for boyfriends guide.

My extensively proven gift ideas for boyfriend guide

Step 1 – Forget about you, the gift is for him

This is the hardest thing to do for most of my friends. They get caught in the illusion that they are buying a gift to satisfy their own taste, however, this is far from the truth. The sharpest knife to cut this illusion is this: get him something that will help him to look good for other girls. I know, pretty controversial, but the fact is this, every guy loves to look good for girls, this is in the first place how he conquered you, so don’t think in terms of your own taste, but in terms of the general female taste. You’re probably thinking that this could take away your guy from you, but that is just a thought. If your boyfriend really loves you (and I assume he does since you’re willing to spend money for him), he’ll see this as a very cool thing from you, another great reason to love you more. Because he knows that you know that he looks well with whatever you got him, and he’ll see you not just as his loved one, but as an understandable girlfriend who also knows how to play the role of a best friend. Trust me on this.

Step 2 – The world is not just clothes and shoes, ladies!

For some reason girls tend to believe this, but here I am to tell you about other cool things that we men love. Let’s say… gadgets? Gadgets are great for men, I mean, we love gadgets. But let me tell you something about gadgets so that you know how to make the right choice. We love those gadgets that represent us better, the ones that make us look like everything a woman wants.

Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

For instance, a smart watch would be something awesome, we could be a version of James Bond, however; it could be a little bit pricey. Something I’ve seen lately that works well are remote control helicopters, these devices are very affordable and they work great because they are a different and unique gadget. They are great to spark conversations and even when you may think this could look childish, remember my advice about simplicity. Some of the best RC helicopters you can find are very affordable, so I think they are at reach of most people out there. Think about what type of guy you have and find something that goes well with him, and remember, even when we may say bad things about James Bond, we know he looks well and most girls desire him (at least the ones in the movie), so understand that this is something we want, and it doesn’t necessarily means we’ll leave you, it is just to improve our self-esteem.

Step 3 – Contribute to the Man’s Cave

This is not something that every man has, but if yours have it, contribute to it. Get something like a cool beer sign, or a decorative item that will fit well with the style of his man’s cave. This advice is more suited for a husband, but I think it’s a good idea to have it here. Think about that couch, wine, or brewing beer kit, fishing rod, or camping tent, that will fit perfectly in your man’s cave. Remember, you want to look not just like the girlfriend or wife, but as the sexy girl who also can be a friend. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen great results with this little switch in mindset.

Step 4 – The budget is always important

Watch your Budget

Watch your Budget[/caption] I’m not making many other suggestions because these are the types of gifts that I’ve seen best results with, when I’ve helped a friend to make a selection. Whatever you decide, make sure you don’t spend that much (unless you have the budget and you’re super sure he wants that badly enough). I began this article saying that the keyword for men is simplicity, so don’t get too complicated here. In the end, the most amazing gift we can have is simply and awesomely you. What are your gift ideas for a boyfriend? Do you have anything to share about this? I would love to know your comments and thoughts! 

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Jose Lozano 

Jose Lozano is a passionate blogger at RC Hobbies on Air, who enjoys sharing his thoughts with others about basically everything. He may know how to select a manly gift, but he’s open to suggestions about selecting gifts for girls, any thoughts?